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Gone are the days when brides had to get those traditional hairstyles done on the most special day of their lives. Now, brides have the freedom to wear whatever pleases them and get hairdos done as to their liking. And why not? After all, it is your most special day! That’s why to ensure that you look like an absolute beauty, we have found ultimate messy hair braids that you can go with for your intimate winter wedding. And ladies we promise, these braids may be called messy but in reality, these look so much better than your usual braids. 

Trending Messy Hair Braids

A Classic Messy Hair Braid

If you’re a millennial bride then we understand how much you adore a classic messy hair braid. We know we do. These classic braids are perfect especially if you are having an intimate wedding. And the best part? This hairdo goes with absolutely all traditional outfits. In fact, these will add a fresh look to your overall look!

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Half Tied Messy Hair Braid

If you wanna do something different then we suggest that you can go with a half tied messy braid for your upcoming intimate winter wedding. It’s trendy, chic and made for those brides who don’t want to compromise on keeping their hair open. And, if you are still having second thoughts then we suggest simply scrolling below and making up your mind!

Messy Fishtail Hair Braid

Fishtails have been a classic no matter what the occasion cuz they happen to be the fancier version of your normal hair braid. That’s why we recommend going with this hairdo if you want something different and formal. While the messy version will help you get that ‘effortless look’ the fishtail part will amp up your look and create the perfect balance you need for your intimate wedding look

Source Pinterest

Flower Wrapped Messy Hair Braids

The easiest hairdo is the flower wrapped messy hair braid right now, ladies. All you have to do is use flowers to make a messy braid and you’re all set. It is literally as easy as it sounds and also happens to be trending like anything right now. Ladies, all you have to do is pick the flower you want to wrap around your hair and you’re good to go! 

Source Mavikh

Puffy Messy Hair Braid

This kind of hair braid is quite new but looks absolutely stunning if executed properly. Oh, and ladies mark our words- if you’ve got heavy volume hair then this hairdo is a match made in heaven for you. Whether you’re opting for a lehenga or for a sharara set for your intimate wedding, a puffy messy hair braid will look beautiful! 

Source Gaur Paswan

Source Pinterest

Source Richa Dave


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Messy Hair Braids To Flaunt At Your Intimate Winter Wedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Messy Hair Braids To Flaunt At Your Intimate Winter Wedding!