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If you are one of those couples who have made up their mind about having a small wedding, then we say that nothing is better as having an intimate wedding which has its own set of perks. Starting from having only the nearest and dearest ones to wearing these bridal outfits. Having an intimate wedding also means that you now have to make sure that no little detail can go wrong. So, if you are still struggling to find the right bridal hairstyle for your wedding day, then worry no more because we have (drumroll…) these best & popular floral bun hairstyles for your intimate wedding! 

Latest Floral Bun Hairstyles For Intimate Weddings

A colourful floral bun hairstyle is made by using all sorts of colourful and pretty looking types of flowers, which can either complement your outfit or be opposite of it yet look stunning together. It’s trending, unique and looks absolutely beautiful for your wedding celebrations. 

Family of Red Colour Floral Bun Hairstyles 

If you’ve set your heart on a red lehenga, suit or sharara for the big day, we suggest you go with these beautiful floral bun hairstyles for intimate weddings from the family of red colour flowers. This colour bun hairstyle will truly compliment your wedding outfit and if you have black coloured hair, then this bun will be like a match made in heaven, ladies!

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Pastel Floral Buns For Intimate Weddings 

Planning on wearing pastel lehenga on your wedding day? We say match this stylish floral bun hairstyles for intimate weddings to your outfit colour. Pastel floral hair buns look chic, sophisticated and breathtaking. All you have to do is pick the right colour and we promise, you’d look like a million bucks! 

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White Floral Hair Buns For The Win

Looking for an option where you can have a contrasting colour bun hairstyle from our wedding outfit? We say you go with white then. A white floral hair bun will look absolutely beautiful with a dark coloured wedding outfit. Oh, and it will easily be the centre of attention because white shines more than any colour does! 

Colourful Floral Hair Bun Hairdo Ideas

If you want more than two shades of colours in your hair bun, it will automatically become a colourful floral hair bun. So, this hair bun is definitely for no ordinary bride but if you do manage to pull this off, you’re gonna look extremely beautiful on your wedding day, ladies. Don’t believe us? Simply scroll below and see these stunning brides-to-be for yourself! 

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So which floral hair bun are you loving? Tell us in the comments section below!

28 Colourful Floral Bun Hairstyles For Intimate Weddings That Are Fresh & Elegant!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

28 Colourful Floral Bun Hairstyles For Intimate Weddings That Are Fresh & Elegant!