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Source: CaratLane JewellerySampat Jewellers

Done and dusted with traditional mangalsutra necklace with same old black beads and a pendant in the center. Times are changing and our millennial brides want something more casual and hatke mangalsutra designs, which they can carry every day. And, guess what? To amp your bridal look post wedding we spotted these gorgeous new concepts of mangalsutra bracelets and rings that our brides seem to LOVE! 

Mangalsutra is one of the most significant accessories of a married woman. Gone are the days when brides used to wear mangalsutra necklaces. Keeping up with the trend we've curated the most quintessential designs of mangalsutra bracelets and rings that you're going to cherish throughout your life. So, what are you waiting for? Go & wear these beauties & thank us later 📿😍

Mangalsutra Bracelets & Rings For The Millennial Brides

This ‘suhag ki nishani’ that the groom puts around the bride’s neck on the wedding day is a symbol of their love and commitment. The auspicious thread aka Mangalsutra unites the two souls as they promise to start their journey together. Brides-to-be, if you're planning to get married soon, then ensure to bookmark these mangalsutra bracelets and ring designs that are both trendy and sophisticated for you! 🤩

Mangalsutra Bracelets

Mangalsutra bracelets have been doing the rounds recently. While we love the idea of giving the traditional mangalsutra a modern touch but we know you might have your doubts about going for the ‘oh not so traditional’ mangalsutra bracelets. But trust us, these designs will completely change your mind about them and we are sure you’ll end up getting one of these. 

Diamond Studded Mangalsutra Bracelet 

This stylish mangalsutra bracelet is a terrific choice for the woman of today’s time. The diamond-studded trio of circles in the middle, placed alongside each other gives a very chic look to the bracelet. It is definitely an inspiration worthy design for the bride’s who are looking for something different for their wedding and who do not want to let go of their traditional roots. It’s time you flaunt your mangalsutra bracelet in style ladies.

Source Raj Jewels

A variation of the very same style is opting for a cluster of diamond circles in the middle in a smaller size. It leans more towards the minimalistic side while maintaining the elegance of the mangalsutra bracelet intact. It is a perfect choice for brides who don’t like to go over the top. 

The One With Star Sign Amulets

Do you remember Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s mangalsutra with both her and her beau’s star signs on it? This trendsetting mangalsutra design can be easily incorporated in a mangalsutra bracelet. If you don’t believe us, check these out. For all the brides who believe in the power of star signs, this is a definite pick for you. Customise it according to your choice and play around with the symbols; get them diamond-studded or gold plated, it’s all up to you. Show off your love for your soulmate in a fashionable yet classic way.

Source Pinterest

Casting The Evil Eye

A mangalsutra holds an important value in the Hindu traditions. It not only is a sign of commitment but also is a symbol of love. These mangalsutra bracelets come with an evil eye or Nazar amulet to protect the couple from any unwanted glance from a foe that could harm the couple or bring unhappiness in their lives. It is believed that the evil eye not only wards of any danger but also brings good luck and health along with it. Check out these stunning mangalsutra bracelet designs with an evil eye amulet that is both sophisticated and modish at the same time! 


This one comes with a diamond-studded amulet which is beautiful. It can be easily worn with both Indian and western outfits.

Looking for a little unusual design, the flower pattern mangalsutra bracelet is pristine. 

If you want something more delicate, then choose this single line beaded bracelet with a circular evil eye amulet, a rather tasteful and elegant design.

For The OTT Brides

We fell in love with this mangalsutra bracelet the moment we laid our eyes on it. It is a modern take on the traditional mangalsutra by combining it with a pear-shaped, diamond-studded motif. The large motif gives a very voguish touch to the mangalsutra bracelet. We are sure that brides who like it to keep it a little extra will definitely go with our recommendation for this bracelet. The dainty double strings of black beads balance the large motif perfectly. 

Engraving Your Partner’s Name On Bracelet

We are sure you are head over heels with your partner and what's a better way to express your love than getting his name attached to your mangalsutra bracelet. Have a look at this unique design and fall in love with it. Get your mangalsutra bracelet customised and surprise your hubby.

Source Pipa Bella

The Dangling Pendant 

These mangalsutra bracelets are both trendy and traditional. They ooze a certain kind of grace that is compared to none. The dangling pendant looks stunning and is suitable for the millennial brides-to-be. These mangalsutra bracelets will suit both, the traditional attire, as well as western dresses and compliment the bride beautifully. 

Source Jewelegance

Taking The Minimalistic Route

'Less is more' and we completely agree. Brides these days are choosing more and more delicate, minimalistic designs and this mangalsutra bracelet is a perfect example of it. A small diamond motif combined with black beads and dainty chains on both sides is sublime. It is totally awe-inspiring. So bride’s, what are you waiting for, screenshot this design right now and get ready to steal the show. 

Mangalsutra Rings 

As much as we are in love with the mangalsutra bracelets, another trend that has been catching up is the mangalsutra rings. The sacred black beads of the mangalsutra embedded in the form of a ring with diamonds and even gold is one of the top rage amongst the brides. Here is a curated list of the top mangalsutra ring designs that we spotted on the internet especially for our lovely brides. 

The Layered Mangalsutra Ring 

This three-layered ring with a single line of diamonds in the center and a line of black beads on either side is nothing but magnificent. It can easily accompany all types of ensembles without looking out of place. It is an aesthetically pleasing design that we can totally vouch for. 

A variation to this gorgeous design is taking the black beads as the center and surrounding it with a line of diamonds on both sides just like this ring. It will look equally stunning.

The Cocktail-Mangalsutra Ring

The ‘oh so gorgeous’ ring caught our eye on the internet and we just had to include it in the list. This exquisite mangalsutra ring can easily double up as a beautiful cocktail ring because of its magnificent design and will look absolutely suave with your evening gowns and dresses. This ring proves that fashion and tradition can totally go hand-in-hand. Brides need not worry about leaving their traditions, because this ring proves it otherwise.

The Gold-Mangalsutra Rings

These simple mangalsutra gold rings with a heart design are so worth it. They are delicate yet speak nothing but elegance. The black beads are skillfully embedded in the band which gives its utmost perfection. Millennial brides go and grab these beauties cos you'll totally adore them the moment you will put a ring on it! 

Source PC Jeweller

Source PC Jeweller

The Pendant Style Ring

These rings give the feel of the miniature version of the traditional mangalsutra. The centerpiece looks like a small pendant and that is what makes these mangalsutra rings special. They are simply the best and can be worn on a daily basis. These rings have a different poise about them that is unmatchable. 

We are sure you are going to LOVE, LOVE & LOVE, wearing these mangalsutra bracelets and rings. And if we are not wrong, you must have set your heart on one or more of these gorgeous designs and bookmarked them for your wedding. 😋

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Mangalsutra bracelet or ring, which one is your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Forget Mangalsutra Necklaces Cos Mangalsutra Bracelets & Rings Are In!

by Vidhi Gupta

Forget Mangalsutra Necklaces Cos Mangalsutra Bracelets & Rings Are In!