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Brides! As we all are literally glued to our phones and curating the best outfits, mehendi designs, jewellery, etc. for your wedding day - we are equally excited to see what 2020 has stored for of all us. As makeup can break or make your bridal look, we are keeping an eye out for all the bridal makeup trends that are set to emerge in this new year. 

The past decennium saw a major shift in bridal makeup trends. From over the top highlighting to chiselled cheekbones and dazzling, shimmery eyes, bridal makeup has evolved dramatically. In fact, people have shifted back and forth from natural looks to heavier makeup and then back to more muted and toned down colours. And, we believe 2020 to be no different.

While, bridal makeup artists have moved away from heavy contouring and embraced a more subtle look, the rise of the 'dewy makeup look' is something that brides are opting for their nuptial ceremonies. So, for all the makeup enthusiasts and to-be brides out there, we've compiled a list of all the makeup trends that are going to be big in bridal makeup this year. 

P.S.: Don't miss out the #5 that every bride is a fan of, including US :) 

11 Major Bridal Makeup Trends For 2020 That You Must Bookmark Right Away...

1. Bold Brows And Nude Lips

By the end of 2019, we saw a major shift in makeup. Makeup artists have moved away from intensely heavy looks and started doing looks with bold eyebrows yet more natural and nude lipsticks to balance the facial features of the bride. 

2. Subtle Smokey Eyes

This being our favourite is a smokey eye makeup trend that we're never letting go off. Brides! Instead of going crazy with an all-black eyeshadow, we spotted brides who experimented with subtle colours like chocolate browns, charcoal greys with a tinge of glitter for their D-day. According to the Beauty N Bridal blog, we found out that a classic example of this looks is a a subtle smokey eye done with dark brown and gold eyeshadows finished off with dramatic eyelashes.

3. Pastel Coloured Eyeshadows 

2020 is going to witness a rise in pastel coloured makeup. From colourful eyeliners to neon pops in the inner eye corners, pastel-coloured eyeshadows are going to be a big yes for day time functions as well as evening weddings. 

4. Dewy Skin All The Way

While, heavy contouring is taking a seat in the back this year, we predict to see more brides opting for dewy makeup for their wedding day. Liquid highlighters mixed with foundations is one of the best ways to get a more subtle and natural glow, while matte makeup bridal looks may fall out of favour this season. 

5. The Classic Red Lip

If you thought that the classic red lipstick on a bride was going away, we have a good news for you! While, 2019 saw more brides in nude and pink lipsticks (thanks to Anushka Sharma!), 2020 is bound to see the red lip rise once more to its former glory and be embraced by upcoming brides. 

Source shaadishots

6. The 'No Makeup Look' 

Well, this one isn't going away anytime soon. The 'No Makeup Look' or the 'Nude Makeup Look' is more natural and accentuates the natural features of a bride. In 2020, it is still going to be one of most 'in-demand' bridal makeup looks. 

Source lonamakeup

7. Heavy Blush And Bronze

Bridal makeup artists will be putting their dark coloured concealers away and reaching out for more sun-kissed bronzers. While, blush will replace contouring, bronzers will aid in defining a bride's cheekbones and forehead as adding shadows to areas that require them.

8. Vivid Lipsticks

To match a festive occasion, we expect brides to move ahead from a simple nude lipstick and grab a more fetching colour like dark pink, mauve or even cool-toned brown. Dark yet vivid lipstick colours on brides will not only make them look more attractive but also add a whimsical warmth to the their faces.

9. Matte Eyeshadows

Heavy glitter eyeshadows may still play a part in some bridal makeup looks, matte eyeshadows is going to be super trendy this year. From heavy smokey eyes to subtle day time bridal looks, matte eyeshadows give a more naturally pronounced feeling to makeup, and not metallic or pearlescent eyeshadow colours. 

10. Dramatic False Eyelashes

2019 was officially the most dramatic year for false eyelashes. We saw some very OTT, feathered eyelashes on celebs and beauty gurus alike. However, dramatic eyelashes on brides are not a passing fad either. In fact, if you want to wear a one on your wedding day, then don't miss to buy them from these places

11. Contact Lenses As An Accessory

Earlier, contact lenses were meant to help out brides and bridesmaids by replacing spectacles, they're now a highly acquired as a fashion trend. Whether you're getting married or attending your BFF's wedding embrace coloured contact lenses as an accessory to enhance it with your wedding outfits and makeup look! 

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Which makeup trend are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

#TrendAlert: 11 Bridal Makeup Trends You Need To Check Out In 2020!

by Shivani Singh

#TrendAlert: 11 Bridal Makeup Trends You Need To Check Out In 2020!