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One of the most magical moments of a wedding is undoubtedly the jaimala ceremony. Other than being the gateway ceremony to commence one’s nuptials, it is by far the most intimate and personal memory of the bride and groom. For those few minutes, it really does feel like their electrifying chemistry has made time itself stand still and leaves you wondering if some people really are made for each other. Now because we’re hyping up the significance of jaimalas so much we can’t just let you choose the light & dainty ones! We’ve come a long way from the simple, old fashioned, marigold jaimalas. We say ‘out with the old, and in with the bold! So we put together some very over-the-top jaimalas for brides who want to skip Minimalism Street and go right ahead on to Extravagant Avenue!

Big & Bold Jaimala Designs for the Win!

These Fairy-tale Rose jaimalas!

Roses? Did anyone say more ROSES?! Roses being a crucial element of wedding decor and an all time favourite of brides world-wide, just simply could not be missed. These jaimalas are anything BUT minimalistic and are an absolute floral marvel! Roses are so just so breath-taking, we wouldn't mind piling them on to just about anything! And so these brides did and hey! we're not complaining.

Layered-up south Indian Varmalas

Some of the fanciest jaimalas we spotted were from traditional south-Indian weddings, we noticed a pattern of layered garlands of primarily white, red and yellow to match and compliment the wedding attire of the bride (also mostly white,red and gold) These brides stunned in these over-the-top jaimalas and pulled it off flawlessly!

Magnificent malas made of Exotic flowers!

Next, we have these completely hard-to-miss chunky jaimalas. These grand wreaths of an assortment of flowers are easy to manage, and will not get out of hand but will totally give your ceremony a larger-than-life feel! These jaimalas were both much wider and longer than usual ones but man do they look majestic, even regal! All budding brides, take notes!

Stunning garlands of Baby's breath

We came across these very sophisticated wreaths that do look super grand and bulky but surprisingly enough will not strain your neck one bit! A major component of these wreaths being just vines and stalks of baby breath intertwined to make a jaimala this beautiful, the combination of white and green with only a few flashes of red or yellow give it this envious, earthy sort of appeal that we just couldn't take our eyes off it!


Did the flower-power sweep you off your feet? Tag a bride who should give into this trend!

Magnificent Jaimala Designs for Couples who Don't shy Going Big & Bold

by Manavi Chauhan

Magnificent Jaimala Designs for Couples who Don't shy Going Big & Bold