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Weddings are the beginning of a new chapter of your life. And one of the most magical moments of a wedding is undoubtedly the jaimala ceremony. Apart from being the gateway ceremony to a couple's main nuptials, the jaimala ceremony is by far the most intimate, personal and fun ceremony to witness between a bride and groom. It's an age-old tradition that has significance even today and is also the first step that shows everyone that a couple is ready for the commencement of their new life together.

We've indeed come a long way from simple jaimala designs. These days, every second wedding sets the trend bar high with an off-beat jaimala that is hard not to swoon over. Confused about what kind of jaimala should be a part of your ceremony? Well, you've come to the right place! 

Scroll down and check out some of the most gorgeous and trending jaimala designs we've spotted of late. 

Best Jaimala Designs

1. As Gentle As Orchids 

 Author and journalist, Sara Jeannette Duncan once said that when two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume. That's what makes the choice of an orchid jaimala design so great. They're Mother Nature’s masterpiece and possibly the best choice for heavier flowers like roses and marigolds. 

2. Heavy Red Roses Dotted With Baby's Breath

Never underestimate the pleasing ability of big red roses in your varmala design. The crimson colour of the roses always stands out in contrast to a bride and groom's lightly coloured outfits. And when you add a baby's breath to the rose jaimala, let's just say you and your beau are going to look expensive!

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Source Sutej Pannu

3. Pick Blessed Lotus Flowers 

Lotus jaimalas are unique in their way. They're rarely seen at weddings. Yet whenever they are seen, they look every bit breathtaking. Lotus varmalas are all florals, no greens and the light pink colour of these garlands is unique and magnificent. 

4. Embrace The Fragrant Simplicity Of Mogra

Mogra flowers in wedding jaimalas are nothing new. They've emerged as a major trend against roses in recent times and can be woven into both thick and thin jaimalas. We recently spotted these gorgeous dainty jaimalas at Kunal Rawal & Arpita Mehta's wedding and we're all for it!

5. Slay With White Roses With Lots Of Gypsophila

When you're looking for a trendy jaimala design that is lightweight yet on the OTT side, then pick something along the lines of this design. With blooming white roses on the top and bottom and a bunch of baby's breath in the middle, this beautiful baby's breath jaimala design is slay-worthy!

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6. Pretty Pastel Roses & Carnations

When Actors Ankur Rathee and Anuja Joshi tied the knot in June 2022, we witnessed a wedding laden with florals. Owning to their floral theme, Anuja and Ankur chose smaller varmalas that were made with alternating pastel peach roses and pink carnations. A uniquely outstanding choice indeed!

Source Ad Media UK

7. A Symphony Of Rose & Mogra Buds

When you're aiming for a heavy jaimala that's designed with an intense amount of flower buds, we suggest going for a combination of these two flowers- rose buds and mogra buds. While being of almost the same size, the contrast between the off-white mogra and the pale pink rose will look stunning!

8. Alternate Between Pink & White Roses

If you're a full-on rose fan, then we suggest you pick two different colours of roses to create a varmala. Colours like baby pink and white go very well together, especially when you add a bit of baby's breath for extra dimension. And when it matches your outfits, even better!

9. Keep It Minimal With White Roses

Speaking of roses, if you're planning on something minimal, then going for a single string of full white roses will work wonders. It's a simple design, with little effort required and is easily procured. Furthermore, half-bloomed white roses will look way better for a minimal look. 

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10. A Play Of Rajnigandhas & Mogra

Fragrant as ever, mogras and rajnigandhas aren't just for gajras anymore. Like the couple below, you can do alternate chunks of unbloomed mogras and bloomed rajnigandhas. Just imagining the fragrance of these two flowers together gives us tingles!

11. Choose Jaimalas With Peach Roses & White Gypsophilas

Many couples wish to stray from the regular pink and white roses. In such cases, we suggest they play with pastels by mixing big peach roses with chunks of baby's breath that are clustered together in big sections. This allows both flowers to shine in their way. Add a string of pearls, and you have some glam to your floral malas!

12. White Carnations For The Win!

Nothing beats the elegance and versatility of carnation flowers. This couple's wedding was laden with white florals and their jaimalas were created with large white carnations that won us over. The white jaimalas complimented their pastel blue outfits, making them look like a million bucks as they took their pheras. 

13. Swoon-worthy Light Pink Roses & Baby's Breath 

We were floored when we saw this couple's choice of jaimala design. Made with pairs of light pink roses that were in full bloom along with a baby's breath body, this jaimala design is an OTT fantasy come to life. 

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14. A Dainty Tuberose Jaimala Design

Tuberose, or rajnigandha, is a fragrant and versatile flower that is present in various forms during weddings. If they're not in your decor or hair, they can be dangling around your neck as you say your 'I Dos'. If you feel like a single string won't do the trick, go with multiple layers to add some depth and dimension to the design!

15. Combine The Grace Of Lotus & Mogra

Earlier we saw a full lotus jaimala with no extra additions. But this adorable couple decided to add layers of unbloomed mogra to their jaimala which is just jaw-dropping beautiful! The white Arabian Jasmine combined with large unbloomed pink lotuses will look nothing short of gorgeous, making these jaimalas as good as accessories. 

16. Mix Small Roses To Make A Big Jaimala

This couple's lightly coloured jaimala sits in perfect contrast with their dark-hued outfits. The design is made with smaller roses in both babies pink and white shades. We love this fuller design! However, real roses can be heavier, so we suggest couples go for artificial flowers for such a design. 

17. Dual Shaded Roses That Match Your Theme

When you are a couple with matching outfits, and a carefully orchestrated wedding theme, we know your varmalas must match too! Often pastel shades go best with such concepts as these dual-shaded roses that house a combination of white and pink. Since these roses are healthy and almost full bloomed, a single string of such should do the trick!

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18. Embrace A Long Red Rose Jaimala 

When it comes to red roses, it can never be enough. Never ever. From floral hairstyles to floral decor, these aromatic flowers can be used in weddings in so many ways. But one of their best uses is in jaimalas. If you're the kind that loves a little flamboyance, then a longer jaimala laden with red roses in different blooms will speak to you. 

19. An Artificial Jaimala With Peach Blossoms

It's always a better decision to go with artificial flowers in your jaimalas. Certain designs, like the one below, do not employ the entire flower, but just the petals to create intricate designs that give a heavy and condensed look. Honestly, this peach set is ravishing from every angle. 

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20. When One Type Of Flower Isn't Enough

Unsure of which flower to use in your jaimala design? Well, how about you choose multiple? This design capitalises on the beauty of three different varieties of flowers including lotus, mogra and roses. Sprinkled with some greens and a little bit of golf applique, it looks nothing short of enchanting.

21. Beguiling Red & White Carnation Jaimala

While we adore this 'oh-so-in-love' couple, it's their jaimalas we're busy eyeing. Made with large and vibrant red and white carnations, we love how the red dominates the look while the white adds grace to it. Pin this design if magnificent jaimala designs are your type!

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22. Go Green With A Heavy Tulsi Jaimala

Foliage varmalas are everyone's dream come true. Never did we ever imagine these green designs would take the wedding industry by storm. But we're glad they did! If you want to be unconventional then a tusli-laden jaimala is your answer. 

23. White Tuberose With Tiny Coral Roses

Coral is a rare colour to be seen in jaimalas. However, this design utilises the brightness of the tiny coral roses juxtaposed against the mellow off-white tuberoses that are in full bloom. The elegance of this design amplifies with every look!

24. Pretty Antirrhinum Flower Varmala

Antirrhinum, commonly known as a dog flower, is a peculiar choice for a varmala. However, it's a great choice from the looks of it. Pairing two different colours of antirrhinum white and light pink is definitely a great choice, especially when it matches the bride and groom's outfits.

26. Marigold Jaimalas Are All The Rage

Basic marigold garlands not only make a strong statement but also add an interesting element to your look. The combination of green and orange is a match made in heaven. If you’re planning on getting marigold jaimalas, do consider having put a few greens in between. Honestly, if it's good enough for Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha then it's good enough for us!

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27. A Mixture Of White Flowers

Did anyone say more ROSES?! Roses being a crucial element of wedding decor and an all-time favourite of brides worldwide, just simply could not be missed. And when you pair large white roses with baby's breath, let's just say that the combination is very fairytale-like. 

28. DeepVeer's Maroon Carnation Jaimala

Maroon carnations arranged into two magnificent matching garlands for Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh looked as designer-made as their ensembles at their 2018 wedding! Honestly, it's worth bookmarking no matter how long ago their wedding was. 

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29. Make It Grand With A Foliage Varmala

Who said garlands should only be made of flowers? We like these foliage varmalas that look refreshing and verdant. South Indian couples love adorning themselves with foliage jaimalas and we're all for it. Generally, Ashoka leaves are great choices for jaimalas as they can be moulded into thick designs and bent into shapes that are beautiful from every angle. 

30. Look Sauve In Greens & Whites

We've seen floral jaimalas, and we've embraced foliage varmalas. But when you mix those two elements, you get something amazing. If you wish the best of both worlds, we suggest you pair green leaves with baby's breath clusters for a unique jaimala design!

31. A Jaimala With Full Bloom Pastel Pink Roses

Roses have always been and will continue to be, a wedding favourite. However, varmala designers are eschewing the classic red for pastel hues and interesting combinations like the one below. Jaimalas that sport fully bloomed roses look ethereal. They're perfect for a heavy look and have a vintage feel to them that is hard not to go for. 

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32. Choose A Piece Brimming With Hues Of White

Nayanthara & Vignesh Shivan's wedding was an otherwordly affair, full of various elements that were gorgeous from all points. And their jaimala was a piece of adornment full of off-white rose petals, baby's breath clusters and unbloomed white rose buds that looked like a necklace around the bride and groom's necks during their amazing wedding ceremony. 

33. Let The Petals Do The Talking

When you're confused about what to go with, get a jaimala made solely out of rose petals strung together. If you're planning on wearing lighter-shaded outfits, like this couple's golden ones, then going for a darker shade of rose petals like deep pink or red will surely look amazing. 

34. Whimsical Baby's Breath Varmalas Are Always Pretty

The traditional jaimalas have always been given a beauteous modish twist with the infusion of baby's breath flowers. We love how these dainty blooms have also paved the way for traditional jaimala designs. These kinds of varmalas are ogle-worthy accessories that instantly uplift the couple's wedding outfits!

35. No Such Thing As Too Many Jaimalas

Okay, hear us out here: multiple jaimalas are secretly superior. Yes, what an offbeat notion. But doesn't it look amazing? Mix multiple kinds of jaimalas to create a fabulous effect of an over-the-top ensemble that elevates a couple's entire look and makes for some stunning wedding photos!

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36. An Off-Beat Peepal Leaf Jaimala Design

We've seen so many foliage jaimalas at weddings. But this couple's dainty and long jaimala made out of peepal leaves is downright aesthetic. The faded colour of the leaves works surprisingly well against the couple's red and white ensemble, allowing not only itself but their outfits to shine as well. 

37. A White On White Effect

Actor Karan Grover & Poppy Jabbal's wedding in the hills was a beautiful sight to behold. We not only witnessed some stunning bride & groom outfits, but also gorgeous photos of the couple that was absolutely in love. One of the things that stood out more than anything was the couple's white mogra jaimalas that were strung together with a chain of white round pearls. Honestly, their look gave us all the feels!

38. A Foliage Varmala With Hints of Flowers

Foliage in itself is very beautiful but if you’d like a little bit of colour to your varmala, we suggest opting for this design. The little peach flowers in between the thick foliage look so good and pop out marvellously that you’ll have something unconventional and beautiful at the same time!

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39. Say Yes To Mogra With Gypsophila

Keeping the traditional aesthetics of a jaimala intact, while taking it a step further, the combination of baby's breath and mogra buds is absolutely amazing. Dominated majorly with baby's breath flowers, this jaimala design is worth all your consideration. 

40. An Intricately Designed Antirrhinum Flower 

We just can't stop adoring this stunning jaimala design. The inclusion of green and yellow in sparring detail against a majorly pink base is definitely worth your attention. Trust us, they can give your jaimala a super fancy look.

41. The Everstylish Thai Flowers!

If you want something extraordinary yet breathable, you should try out these modish Thai Jaimalas. Jaimalas weaved in Thai style look exotic and are bound to accentuate your overall wedding look! 

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42. An Adorable Combo Of White & Orange

White is a soothing colour that plays a vital role in all spheres be it your bridal outfit or your wedding decor. And marigolds are a quintessential flower that is omnipresent in wedding celebrations. We've seen marigold jaimalas with green leaves, and even without. And when we saw this orange marigold and white carnation jaimala, we fell in love!


Wedding trends have constantly been changing ever since vendors, bridal designersdecorators, etc. have started experimenting. After all, the need of the hour is to stand out and do something unique. However, when it comes to jaimala designs, everything is in trend all the time. So, it is always good to have a few options around. We're confident that you liked this list of the latest jaimala designs and hopefully even found the design of your dreams!


Which one of these designs is your favourite? Don't forget to check out our Instagram page for more wedding inspiration.

Top 41 Latest and Trending Jaimala Designs

by Shivani Singh

Top 41 Latest and Trending Jaimala Designs