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Source Shaadisaga

Source: Sonal Chauhan | Lumière Wedding Company

Dear Brides, 

We know how you all feel. Being stuck at home due to the ongoing lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak isn't exactly a motivating factor, especially for brides who are getting married soon. However, this doesn't mean you lose your spunk and give up on planning your wedding. This is the best time to gain momentum on your wedding planning wheels and focus on yourself as well. 

So, to ensure that you're up and running, even within the four walls of your home, we're here to give you some inspo worthy things to add to your 'Lockdown Bucket List'! So, ramp up your bridal trousseau and use these free hours to start prepping yourself for your upcoming wedding. 

Things For Brides To Do While At Home In Lockdown

1. Skincare For Flawless Bridal Skin!

Having a dedicated skincare routine is important for any bride. However, we are all well aware of the fact that due to busy schedules and daily life in general, rarely do brides-to-be follow a thorough skincare routine. But now that you have time on your hands, you can utilise this to work on your skin. You can start by applying a sheet mask on your face daily. After all, all those sheet masks bought on 7+7 deals have been lying in your drawer for way too long. This time can also be utilised to start that famed Korean skincare routine that you've always wanted to try! Weekly use of DIY masks will help improve your skin texture and detoxify your skin as well. Imagine, with the number of days at your hand, how much help will good skincare do for you!

2. Self Care

When we say self-care, we don't just mean skincare or fitness. Self-care is about loving yourself and feeling good. Do things that make you happy! Because once your wedding gears hit forward, you won't be able to get time to do things that make you relax and happy. If you're into cooking then you could try out new recipes. Or if the painting is your kind of thing, then get your paintbrushes out! If you're a clean freak, then organise your bedroom. Love doing crafty work? Then do that! After all, self-care is all about doing things that make you feel happy. 

3. Workout For That S Line!

Of course, you want to look like a million bucks on your wedding! But you also want to eat that grilled cheese sandwich. Being at home, and binging on Netflix all the time will turn you into a couch potato. However, dedicating just half an hour daily to a routine stretching session and light workout to stay fit can help you burn those extra calories you're ingesting. Maybe these free hours can also be the right time to get on a 4-week fitness plan for a fit mind and body!

4. Restore That Lost Lustre With Haircare

Pollution and stress have totally damaged your hair, right? But these hours you spend inside your home, away from all the dirt, sun and pollution, can do wonders for your hair. This is the ideal time to start using some DIY hair masks on your hair to restore that lost lustre and volume! You could oil your hair more frequently and even apply some eggs without having to worry about your hair smelling a bit off because kitchen ingredients can do wonders on your hair. 

5. Start Pinning Wedding Ideas

Of course, this needs to be done do no matter what! Get on your favourite apps, or just log onto ShaadiSaga's website and start saving all the wedding ideas you like. From the latest Mehendi designs to bridal lehengas and latest makeup trends, you can find it all in just one virtual space. Save ideas for your weddings, shortlist vendors for your functions and much more with just a simple click! This way, you will feel reassured that your wedding planning has not taken the backseat, despite the nationwide lockdown.

Essentials To Add To Your Bridal Trousseau To Fend Off COVID-19

While your bridal trousseau is armed with all the essential things you need as a bride, it should also be prepped to fend off a virus outbreak. After all, you cannot bail on your wedding by falling ill! So, to ensure that your armed to not just tackle the wedding blues but also this flue, here are some additional essentials that you need to add to your bridal trousseau today!

1. Face Mask

Having a face mask is important. A mouth mask will help you breathe cleaner air, and even filter out contaminated particles. Wearing a face mask may seem like an odd thing, especially on your wedding functions, but being safe is necessary. If you're not up for the regular boring mouth masks that may make you look more like a nurse than a bride than you can always choose to get yourself a designer face mask, specially curated for the new age bride!

2. Sanitizer

Having a sanitizer with you all the time is a must. And this doesn't mean you pick up some fancy, glitter mixed tiny one that has more fragrance than germ-killing alcohol. You need a medical sanitizer, which can disinfect your hands quickly. After the lockdown, when you're up and running for your wedding shopping, you should always have a sanitizer with you, especially in a market place. And if you feel like adding a little fashion element to it, then get yourself a trendy sanitizer holder!

3. Gloves

Having gloves in your trousseau is important. As a bride, you can always wear gloves, even in the future. Plus, fancy-looking gloves are the best way to fend off germs and still look glamourous as ever!

4. Handwash

A handwash in a bridal trousseau? It sounds strange, doesn't it? But when it comes to keeping yourself safe and following all the precautions to prevent a viral infection, why not! Almost all handwashes come with properties to get rid of germs. So, even if it's one with a nice fragrance, your handwash will become your best friend in these trying times. 

5.  Sunglasses

WHO's precautions indicate that we must avoid touching our mouth, nose, and eyes. We believe that fashionable sunglasses in your trousseau will help your hands stay away from your eyes. It needs to spend more time on your face rather than your bag!


Do you have any ideas you'd like to add to these lists? Let us know in the comments below!

Stuck At Home Due To Coronavirus? Use This Time To Prep Your Bridal Trousseau!

by Shivani Singh

Stuck At Home Due To Coronavirus? Use This Time To Prep Your Bridal Trousseau!