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There’s a certain allure of winter weddings in India especially because winters are here only for a short duration. But, in the chilly weather, only the food can instantly make your guests feel warm. That’s why today we’ve found some immaculate hot desserts that will not only be perfect for your upcoming winter wedding but will also tantalize everyone’s taste buds!

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Ultimate Hot Desserts to Have at Your Winter Wedding

1. Classic Gulab Jamuns

A classic choice, who does not like gulping down sizzling gulab jamuns at weddings!? Comforting and decadent, gulab jamun will help create a comforting and nostalgic dessert experience for your guests!

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2. A Live Jalebi Counter

Embrace the warmth in the chilly winter weather with flaming hot jalebis by having a special live jalebi counter. Your guests will love getting fresh and hot jalebis right off the pan in the chilly winter weather.

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3. Churros with Hot Chocolate Sauce

If there’s one Western hot dessert no one can resist, it is churros with hot chocolate sauce. The crispy exteriors and soft interiors topped with piping hot sauce make for a delightful treat with every bite!

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4. Center-Filled Donuts

Centre-filled donuts or Berliners will be a great addition to your hot dessert menu. The balance of hot filling with room-temperature sweet bread will be perfect to serve to your nearest and dearest ones at your wedding function.

5. A Hot Chocolate Bar

Guys, we promise this one is going to be a winner!

Incorporate a hot chocolate bar where your guests can dip exciting toppings like strawberries, marshmallows and cookies in hot chocolate. Trust us, everyone will be found at the hot chocolate bar at your wedding function!

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6. Choco Lava Cake

Let the decadence flow with molten lava cakes. The perfect dessert with a delicate exterior and a gooey, chocolatey centre that promises an irresistible explosion of flavours.

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7. Gajar ka halwa

Another Indian delight is that one cannot get hitched and not have Gajar ka halwa on their dessert menu. A crowd-favourite, we don’t have to tell you how your guests will feel when they see this item on your winter dessert menu.

Source Quicklly

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8. Cookie Skillets

Serve up the rustic charm with crisp cookie skillets. The combination of warm and buttery crumb topping and a scoop of vanilla ice cream will help create a worthwhile dessert experience.

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9. Sizzling Apple Pie

Featuring thinly sliced apples in a buttery crust, apple pie is a great choice if you want a non-chocolate hot dessert at your wedding function. A refreshing one, this is going to be whipped off by your guests.

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10. Shahi Tukda 

Craving for a hot dessert? One of the most popular desserts in Indian Weddings is Shahi Tukda. This pudding is ghee-fried bread slices that are soaked in rose & cardamom sugar syrup and served with rabdi. So, if you're looking for a rich and royal hot dessert, Shahi Tukda is the one for you. 

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10 Tempting Hot Desserts Perfect for Your Winter Wedding: Warm Hearts and Hot Treats

by Shweghna Gursahaney

10 Tempting Hot Desserts Perfect for Your Winter Wedding: Warm Hearts and Hot Treats