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Ladies let's face it that this year none of us are going to tie the knot at a grand venue or a huge farm. Mostly, it is going to be at your or your other half’s house or somewhere safe only with your nearest and dearest ones. Since everything is going to be super safe and close-knitted, the food at your wedding functions should also be homemade. That is why today we have some best food ideas for your upcoming home intimate wedding. From starters to desserts, we have you covered! 

Trendy Food Ideas For Wedding

1. Skinny Hummus

Hummus is one of the best food dishes you can serve to your guests whether it is a small gathering or a big one. Hummus can be eaten with a plethora of options like pita bread, breadsticks, celery and whatnot. Oh, and the best part? This dish can be made in bulk and is filling for the stomach! 

2. Kebab Buns

If you’re looking for a flavourful Indian dish to keep at your intimate wedding functions, kebab buns should be your pick. Kebab buns are basically mutton or chicken kebab tikkis which should be put inside a bun along with chutneys, onions and condiments. These are perfect to spice up your food menu. You can also go with a smaller version to make this dish bite-sized for all your guests. Whether you keep this dish for your mehendi function or the big day, your guests will love it immensely. 

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3. Flatbread Pizzas

Flatbread pizzas are a slimmer or thinner version of your everyday pizza. It's really thin in size and what makes it a hot favourite is the fact that the flavours come out so well on this base that you’d only pick flatbreads from next time onwards. We think that your nearest and dearest would love this pizza and would end up wanting more. This dish too can be made in bulk so it is also easy to work! 

4. Kaju Katli Cheesecake 

Every wedding calls for a touch of Indian desserts but why not give your usual Indian desserts a fun twist? We’ve found the perfect cake which will bring the Indian dessert element but in a whole new way. Introducing Kaju Katli cheesecake. An eggless dessert, this will surely be the showstopper of your wedding food menu! 

5. Tandoori Soya Chaap Tikka

We haven’t forgotten about your vegetarian guests, ladies. At a wedding, it can get really difficult to please every single guest especially when it comes to food but we are sure that your vegetarian guests are gonna be drooling thanks to this kickass tandoori soya chaap dish. It’s a trending food idea to include in your wedding functions and we think that your menu would not be complete without including this delicious dish!

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6. Multi-Flavor Garlic Breads

If you do decide to serve flatbread pizzas at your wedding then you should definitely have garlic bread to go along with it. Introducing multi-flavour garlic bread. All you have to do is change the topics on these multiple loaves of bread and you have plenty of these ready, all at the same time. These are very easy to nibble on so your wedding guests won’t even mind picking one piece and eating it! 

7. Tandoor Aloo Chaat

Ladies, if you’re having a day function then having a chaat is a must. Chaats are the perfect blend of spice and sweet. For your wedding functions, we have found an ultimate food idea that is tandoori aloo chaat. This can be made in bulk and after having one bite, your guests will be licking their fingers!

8. Chocolate & Orange Cake

While you may have eaten the usual chocolate cake at numerous weddings, we suggest you go with chocolate and orange cake for your own wedding. For starters, chocolate and orange go hand-in-hand so the flavours are going to be bang on. Secondly, when your guests first see the cake, they’ll think that it's chocolate but when they find out that it's chocolate and orange, their minds will blow!

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9. Cheese Melt Sandwiches 

A lot of you out there would have grown up eating this sandwich and loving every single bite of it. If you’re already getting that yummy taste of the cheese melting and the crunchy taste of the vegetables, then you gotta have this dish at one of your wedding functions. This is a tad bit time-consuming but it's worth the time. The recipe is pretty simple and so good that we think it will be a perfect addition to your wedding menu. 

10. Chocolate Madeleines

A French dessert, chocolate madeleines are a great dessert choice for your wedding food menu. You’re going to have your Indian desserts and your cakes but this dessert will be something exceptional. Many of your guests will probably be trying this for the first time but we guarantee that it won’t be their last and they will have you to be thankful for! 


So what all are you going to include as food ideas for your wedding from the list? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

10 Lip-Smacking Food Ideas For Your Upcoming Home Intimate Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

10 Lip-Smacking Food Ideas For Your Upcoming Home Intimate Wedding