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The gold South Indian mangalsutra is one of the most auspicious parts of a South Indian wedding. It unites the bride and groom in a sacred relationship that is all about love, respect and care. The cultural significance of a gold mangalsutra is huge in the southern states of India. It comes in a variety of styles and designs. The mangalsutra is known by different names in different regions. On that note, let's go over all the information related to the Gold South Indian Mangalsutra right from its importance to its designs!

Gold South Indian Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra symbolizes the eternal marital union of husband and wife. Mangalsutra comprises the combination of two words: Mangal and Sutra, the former meaning auspicious and the latter one meaning thread. Therefore, the literal meaning of the Mangalsutra is 'a sacred thread' that the bride wears for her own well-being in addition to that of her spouse, as well as for a happy married life. From North to South, practically most Indian Hindu brides wear this well-known piece of bridal jewellery. In South Indian weddings, the Mangalsutra is referred to as Minnu, Thaali, Thirumangalyam, or Mangalyam.

Types of South Indian Mangalsutra Designs

The groom ties the mangalsutra across the bride's neck during a sacred ritual performed in front of God amidst friends and family members. The Mangalsutra is a very special and significant part of all Hindu South Indian weddings. However, its name changes from region to region. Here are all the popular names and designs of the gold South Indian mangalsutra. 


The Mangalsutra is referred to as a Thali or Thirumangalyam in Tamil culture. In Hindu culture, the Thali holds great significance as a symbol of marriage. Gold Coins are attached as a pendant to gold chains and gold kulaai, which have cylindrical designs. Maangalyamu, Bottu and Ramar Thali, are just a few examples of the various sizes and forms of the Thali. 

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In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, yellow thread is worn by people as they consider it holy. An Indian spice powder called turmeric is applied to the yellow thread, which is worshipped by the goddess Lakshmi. Several gods and goddesses, including Lord Shiva, Meenakshi Amman and the symbol for Lord Tirupati Balaji, are depicted in the Mangalsutra.


Occasionally, tiny pendants in the shape of gold cups may be seen as Mangalsutra pendants. We refer to these as vatis. This is frequently chosen as a mangalsutra pendant across many cultures. You can have one vati or two vatis in your mangalsutra. Tamilians and Maharashtrians favour two vatis.

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Karthamani Pathak

South Indian women from Karnataka and Andhra, particularly from Coorg wear designs of this kind. The centre of the black bead-long gold chain is joined to the coral loop, which has a circular hollow gold piece attached to it.


Minnu is worn mainly by the married Christian women in Kerala. The banana leaf is represented by Ela or the leaf design. The couple is guided by the Minnu to lead a happy and healthy life. It has lightweight and simple design.

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Gold South Indian Mangalsutra Designs

Now that we have covered some of the most popular types of gold South Indian mangalsutra, let's go through some designs for your inspiration. 

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Here's The Gold South Indian Mangalsutra Guide That You Have Been Looking For!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Here's The Gold South Indian Mangalsutra Guide That You Have Been Looking For!