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South Indian weddings are full of vigour. They are teeming with joy and that's what makes them so heart-touching. We love all about South Indian weddings, from the rituals to the decor. Talking about decor, South Indian Mandaps have a special place in our hearts. Their traditional beauty is what makes them stand out in the best way possible. If you have been looking for some South Indian Mandap decor inspiration, you have come to the right place!

Prepare yourself to get inspired because we have put together some splendid South Indian Mandapam decor!

South Indian Mandapam Decor

South Indian Mandapam Decor With God Idols

South Indians honour their Gods at their wedding by not only praying to them and asking for their blessings but also by incorporating God's idols in their Mandapam decor. We are filled with wonder looking at these Mandap decor ideas. These South Indian Mandaps have sacred energy to them. These Mandaps are grand and magnificent and you must take a look at them for your Mandap decor inspiration!

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Floral South Indian Mandapam Decor

Floral Mandap decor is a classic. When it comes to South Indian weddings, floral Mandaps are widely loved. It is like no Mandap is ever fully decorated without some flowers. Flowers add vitality to the Mandap which is essential in the wedding and the marriage as a whole. Plus, the beauty of flowers is unmatched. So, a floral Mandap is a must regardless of whether you are having a grand wedding or an intimate wedding!

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Minimalistic South Indian Mandapam Decor

Minimalistic South Indian Mandaps exist and they are beautiful beyond your imagination. Set up sweetly under the sky with some flowers and vines, a minimalistic South Indian Mandap will make all your traditional but intimate wedding dreams come true. 

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Leafy South Indian Mandapam Decor 

South Indian Mandapas and leafy decor is a match made in heaven. South India is rich in its vegetation. These leafy Mandaps showcase that marvellously. Take a look at these leafy South Indian Mandaps and get mesmerized by their earthy charm. 

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Basked In Divine Glory: South Indian Mandapam Decor!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Basked In Divine Glory: South Indian Mandapam Decor!