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You have seen enough bridal head accessories like maangtikka and sheesh patti. Now, brace yourself for Jada Billai with Kemp stones. Worn as a South Indian bridal accessory, it is a beautifully designed and often studded hairpin that is traditionally round. It is placed in the hair around the middle part on both sides. Jada Billai can be styled by itself or with a mathapatti/sheeshpatti/maang tikka.

So, without further ado, let's know everything about this dainty hair accessory - Jada Billai for South Indian Brides. 

Jada Billai: An Intricate South Indian Bridal Head Accessory

Jada Billai is a traditional South Indian head accessory that has been gracing a bride's hair for centuries. It comes in a variety of designs and has a regal feel to it. The chokehold that this intricate head accessory has on us is unreal. On that note, let's take a look at some beautiful brides who wore Jada Billai or Kemp Bridal hair brooches hair accessories on their big day. 

Source Bows & Vows

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Jadai Billai: Places To Buy From

1. South Indian Jewels

South Indian Jewels is one of the most authentic places for you to shop at Jada Billalu. They have a wide range of traditional Jadai Billai designs in heartwarmingly beautiful colorful embellishments. 

2. Nykaa

Nykaa offers beautiful Jadai Billai with intricate Goddess idols on them. The fine designs of these Jada Billalu are sure to impress any bride who wants to incorporate her rich South Indian heritage into her bridal looks. 

Source Nykaa

3. Prashanti

Prashanti does some delightful Jada Billai in gold with colorful stone embellishments. We love their pieces for their vibrance. If you plan on wearing a multi-colored outfit on your big day, get colorful Jadai Billai to match it. 

Source Prashanti

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4. Vriksham By Vaishnavi

We are mesmerized by Vriksham By Vaishanavi's blissful range of temple jewellery Jada Billai. These designs are so intricate and unique that you can barely find them anywhere else. They are perfect for your big day. 

Source Vriksham

5. Adorna

If you are looking for studded Jada Billai, Adorna is the place for you. They offer a lovely variety of Jada Billalu embellished with different colorful stones which deserve to be a part of your pre-wedding function bridal looks. 

Source Adorna

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Jada Billai: An Intricate South Indian Bridal Accessory That Adds A Regal Touch To Your Hair!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Jada Billai: An Intricate South Indian Bridal Accessory That Adds A Regal Touch To Your Hair!