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Your best friend is getting hitched and this is probably one of the most exciting times of your life. And, if you’re going to be making an entry with the bride herself, then we can only imagine what a special time it is going to be for you. Now that we have discussed the importance of your role, how about we consider how exactly you ladies will make the entrance. So, whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, scroll below to see how your childhood best friends can enter the wedding venue and stun everyone!

Surreal Bridal Entries with Bridesmaids

Have your BFF’s Back

Let the woman-of-the-hour have everyone’s attention by asking her to lead the way and all you bridesmaids can have her back and follow her leading all the way to the stage. Not only will your best friend look stunning but all the nearest and dearest ones will witness your special bond with the bride.

Hold The Chaadar

Gone are the days when only brothers could hold the bride’s chaadar. Now, more and more brides are embracing change and asking their best ladies to do the honors. So, if you want to make a grand entry with the to-be bride, we recommend holding her chaadar. Not only this moment will be super special but you’ll always remember this moment!

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Enter Hand-In-Hand

If you’re the sort of group that has done everything together then this is the perfect ode to your friendship. Ladies, enter your best friend’s wedding venue hand-in-hand and make everyone’s jaws drop. Not only will you all be the trend makers but you’re gonna have a huge grin on your face while at it!

Make Way For The Bride

It is the most important day for your best friend and one can only imagine how stunning she must look on her big day. So, in order to build up the curiosity, we recommend all you bridesmaids to enter first and then make way for the bride. Ladies, we promise that this entry will be dramatic, emotional and your best friend will be super excited while at it! 


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25+ Bridal Entries Where Brides Walked Down The Aisle With Their Bridesmaids!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

25+ Bridal Entries Where Brides Walked Down The Aisle With Their Bridesmaids!