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Every wedding has a few moments that remain etched in the memories of the bride and groom forever. One such zabardast moment has to be the bride and groom’s dhamakedar entry together as that is the moment all guests eagerly wait for, to see them walk in together. While this surely is our favourite moment at a wedding, we also understand that it is one that requires a lot of planning. 

From choosing the right prop as per the theme of your wedding to getting the music right, there are a lot of arrangements that need to be made for that dhamakedar entry. But in the end, it is that one picture that speaks volumes about it. So if we have already freaked you out about how zabardast your entry should be, don’t worry because we have shortlisted some of the best couple entry shots for you to take a cue from. All you have to do is scroll through and pick an idea you think resonated with the theme of your functions. 

Popular Couple Entry Shots

Zabardast Bike Entry Shot For Adventurous Couples

As most couples consider the couple entry shots monotonous for all weddings, here’s an idea using the cool bikes and ATV’s that is different and one that will raise a lot of eyeballs at your wedding.

Sail Your Way Into The Hearts of Your Guests

If bikes don’t interest you, we are sure water does. For couples that are getting married on an island or near a beach, choose a different ride to make a dhamakedar entry at your wedding. 

Make An Entry- The Vintage Style 

Now here’s an idea for the classy couples that like to do everything in style. The vintage entry using carriages or vintage cars make for a fairytale-like moment at any wedding. 

Couple Entry Shots On Three Wheels Is The New Cool

While everyone loves the vintage vibe, the new couple entry idea that has gone viral is the one where the bride and groom enter in a three-wheel rickshaw or tricycle with their desi swag on. Check out these pictures to see what a dun entry shot it makes. 

Colourful Couple Entry Shots With Smoke Bombs

Indian weddings are known to be extremely colourful, but what makes this couple entry shot even more colourful these days are the use of smoke bombs. Haven’t seen a dhamakedar entry with smoke bombs? Well, scroll ahead. 

Entry Shots With Bride & Groom Dancing On Zabardast Beats

While dhol is our go-to way of celebrating anything and everything in India, at weddings they play a special role in getting everybody’s energies high and adding the element of masti. Scroll through for some of the best couple entry dancing shots on either dhol beats or upbeat music.

Sparkling Couple Entry Shots If You Love the Fireworks

Fireworks are an indispensable part of Indian weddings. But when used for the bride and groom entry, they make for a magical addition in the photographs. Scroll through to see some of the best couple entry shots with sparkles.


Aren’t all these couple entry shots just wow? Tell us in the comments which one looks the most dhamakedar?

40 Dhamakedar Couple Entry Shots That Make The Guests Want To Blow a Whistle

by Chinar Ghorawat

40 Dhamakedar Couple Entry Shots That Make The Guests Want To Blow a Whistle