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South Indian weddings are splendid. Everything is on point, from decor to outfits. Also, South Indian couples have their colour-coordinated outfits game strong! If you have been wanting to get inspired by some South Indian couples for your wedding outfits, you have come to the right place. We are obsessed with South Indian couples wearing colour-coordinated outfits and that's exactly what we are going to be looking at! So, scroll down and enjoy!

South Indian Couples In Colour Coordinated Outfits

South Indian Couples In Matching White Outfits

White is the most auspicious colour in a South Indian wedding. Traditionally, a bride from Kerala would wear Kasavu Mundum Neriyathum which is a white saree with golden borders and her groom would wear a white dhoti with golden borders called Kasavu Mundu. 

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South Indian Couples In Matching White & Red Outfits

The combination of white and red feels sacred and it is. This is why couples from many states including South Indians wear matching white and red outfits on their big day. 

Source Neel Chavan

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South Indian Couples In Matching Green Outfits

Did you know that green is also the colour of love as it corresponds to the heart chakra? Look at these lovely South Indian couples wearing matching green outfits for their wedding!

Source Collective

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South Indian Couples In Matching Golden Outfits

Golden has got to be one of the most royal colours ever. It is symbolic of prosperity and generosity. It is also quite flattering to most people. This is why many couples opt for matching golden outfits and look just so pretty!


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Source Rish

South Indian Couple In Matching Lilac Outfits

Lilac is surely a unique colour. It is quite soothing on the eyes. If you want to wear a lilac outfit for your wedding, let this cute couple inspire you!

South Indian Couple In Matching Orange Outfits

Orange, the colour of passion and optimism is not only beautiful but also a pious colour, especially when it comes to wedding outfits. See how cute this South Indian couple looks in their matching orange outfits. 

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South Indian Couples In Contrast Outfits

Colour contrast couple outfits are so in trend right now. They photograph well and also look amazing in person. These South Indian couples wearing their colour-contrast outfits are such a delight to look at!

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30+ South Indian Couples Who Colour Coordinated Their Outfits Like A Pro!

by Pratiksha Pandey

30+ South Indian Couples Who Colour Coordinated Their Outfits Like A Pro!