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With another year, we await another dose of new-age decor trends and fresh decor themes. But before we begin with our mandatory 2019 searching spree, let's take you down the memory lane and show you how 2018 was all about unique and noteworthy wedding decor trends.

Right from delightful mehndi seatings, breathtaking mandap setups, fab entrance decorations to fanciful cascading adornments, the year gave us some of the most unmissable decor ideas. However, what stood out for us the most were the different and varied decor themes we spotted in so many 2018 real weddings. While some opted to go for cozy and pastel-themed Mehendi decorations, others went all high on colors to match up with the festive vibes of their celebrations. So, giving you a roundup of decor trends that ruled 2018, we've enlisted our favorite decor themes of the year. We hope you like them as much as we do and carry forward them to your impending wedding.

(ShaadiSaga predicts: We're going to see a lot of sit-down brunch & rustic decorations in the coming year!) 

Unique Wedding Decor Themes We Discovered in 2018

Mehndi Decor Themes

Even though Mehndi is all about bright colors and fun vibes, in 2018 we spotted a mix of all traditional, rustic and bohemian feels. While some couples went all the way ditching those usual marigold decorations over the cozy and minimalistic sit-down setups, others kept it all traditional and classy by opting for typical rajasthani or punjabi themes.

1. Tropical Themed Mehndi Decor

2. Sit-down Mehndi Brunch Decor

Source Event Tadka

Source Event Tadka

3. Rustic Mehndi Decor

Source Tanvi Puri

4. Retro Themed Mehndi Decor

5. Punjabi Mela Themed Mehndi Decor

6. Mykonos Themed Mehndi Decor

7. Enchanted Wonderland Themed Mehndi Decor

8. Coachella Themed Mehndi Decor

Source Lee & Mi

Source Lee & Mi

Source Lee & Mi

Source Lee & Mi

Source Lee & Mi

9. Rajasthani Themed Mehndi Decor

10. Floral Mehndi Decor

11. Patola Themed Mehndi Decor

12. Spring themed Mehendi


Sangeet, Cocktail & Engagement Decor Themes

In 2018, we witnessed a lot of fairy lights, cherry blossoms, pastel hues and blooming installations being incorporated in sangeet decorations. Our real couples Divya & Karan and Ishdeep & Guntas too opted for a cherry blossom theme for their Engagement and Sangeet ceremonies respectively.

1. Sakura Themed Sangeet & Engagement Decor

2. Techno Themed Sangeet Decor

3. Movie Themed Sangeet Decor

4. Forest Themed Bonfire Night

5. Fairytale Engagement Decor

6. Autum themed Sangeet


Wedding Decor Themes

Ditching those cliche mughal inspired and color based themes, couples picked some fresh and offbeat themes for their wedding day decorations in 2018. While our favorite planner duo, Yamini and Rishi opted for a European theme decor and got their wedding venue trimmed as per three different concepts. Couple Jennie & Roshan, on the other hand, flew all the way to Orlando to host their wedding at the Disney world and got their wedding decorations done just how it is shown in those disney movies.

1. Disney Themed Wedding Decor

2. Moroccan Themed Wedding Decor

3. Sabyasachi Themed Wedding Decor

Source Tanvi & Co.

Source Tanvi & Co.

Source Tanvi & Co.

4. European Themed Wedding Decor


Reception Decor Themes

Low lighting, antique decor elements, carpeted floors and frills were all incorporated in reception decorations this year.

1. Arabian Night Reception Decor

2. Azeri Reception Decor

3. Rainforest Themed Reception

Source Pink Palki


Aren't they all so unique? Which ones are you saving for your wedding? Let us know in the comments.

Exceptionally Beautiful Decor Themes We Discovered in 2018 Weddings

by Anupriya Khanna

Exceptionally Beautiful Decor Themes We Discovered in 2018 Weddings