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COVID-19 has proved to be the official Grim Reaper for all 2020 weddings. And because of it, many couples have had to postpone their weddings, and with it, also cancelled all their exciting pre-wedding parties like bridal showers, bachelorette plans, etc. Nevertheless, this ongoing lockdown has taught us many things. One of which is the value of virtual ways of hanging out. From zoom calls to Whatsapp video calls, and even passing on virtual video messages, it's become necessary for us to master these skills of virtual hanging out. Even though everything is on hold, there is a certain kinda party that can still take place, thanks to these virtual ways of hanging out. Something like a Virtual Bachelorette!

Even though you're not going to be in the same room, there is still a lot of things you can in a virtual bachelorette. And honestly, you and your besties deserve the time out. So without further ado, let us take you through all the things you need to do to throw a fun virtual bachelorette party during this lockdown!

How To Plan A Virtual Bachelorette Party With Your #BridalSquad!

1. Decide A Theme

The best way to throw any party is to have a theme party. So, for your e-bachelorette, come up with a funky theme. It can be a colour based theme, or maybe a costume party. If you're a Star Wars fan, then you could go in for that, or if you're a hardcore Potterhead, then maybe you could turn your virtual bachelorette into that. The real deal is that every party, whether real or virtual, is always better when there's a theme. 

2. Pick An Outfit

Source Deepika

Now that you've decided on a theme for your virtual bachelorette, it's time to come up with a cute outfit. It's time to dump those PJs and oversized t-shirts and pick something sexier. Dress up! For it'll make you feel more alive and into it. Plus, adding in a little makeup will only make you feel better about this lockdown. 

3. DIY Invites

Source riks_piks

You've picked your theme and your outfit. Now, it's time to invite your BFFs to join you for this fun soirée. Create a DIY E-invite on one of the many apps that are at your disposal. Let them know your theme and that having fun is mandatory. As the party host, you can put together an email as well, with all your planning thoughts, and send it to the other attendees. And don't forget to tell your bridesmaids that this virtual bachelorette is all about having FUN!

4. Prepare Some Fancy Food & Booze

Okay, no party, whether real or virtual, is complete without food and booze. You can either cook up easy to eat yet scrumptious snacks like chili cheese toast or even throw in some decadent chocolate brownies. For drinks, make sure you have an ample amount of wine stocked, for you'll be drinking alone without really being alone. However, if you're out of alcohol, then you can stock up on other non-alcoholic drinks that you can use to toast on this occasion.

5. DIY Thank You Cards For Bridesmaids

Before you get your groove on for the e-bachelorette, make sure you create thank you cards using an online graphic designing software for all the attendees. Add in elements that match your theme and make it heartfelt, for they're giving you company (even if it's virtual). You can make someone feel so special through your words, which is priceless. 

6. Games You Can Play On Video Calls

Source Danielle

Source Danielle

Alright, you're almost there. Before you head into the party video call, you need to come up with a few games for entertainment. You could play Dumb charades, or even have a few rounds of Tambola. There are so many more games you can play on the video call and have an entertaining time with your friends like Pictionary, Never Have I Ever, etc. 

7. Make A Playlist

No party is complete without music. And that is exactly why you need to create a playlist of fun music or find one online and make sure you share it with all your bridesmaids. Make sure it's a playlist that sets the dance floor on fire and keeps you all dancing for eternity. Because you need to dance these quarantine blues away.

8. Apps For A Mass Video Chat

There are many apps that you can use to hold a virtual bachelorette. There are Zoom calls, where it's easy to have many people in one call. There's Google Duo, Instagram Live Call, Whatsapp Call, Skype, etc. Just make sure you all have a common app for the virtual celebration.

9. Relax and Have Fun


Honestly, this is something we shouldn't even have to tell you. The whole idea of this virtual bachelorette is to have fun. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the evening with some fine wine and dine and a lot of fun innuendos. Make it a night you'll never forget for years to come. We suggest you throw in a small spa experience before you call it a night.

10. Don't Forget To Post It On Social Media!

Well, we're sure your party was a blast. When you have a party that grand without violating the norms of social distancing, you have to brag about it online! And when you do, don't forget to tag #ShaadiSaga on your post. Take your cues from the many brides who've successfully bragged about their virtual Mehendi and sangeet functions. Make sure you let everyone know!


We hope these tips help you plan a virtual bachelorette soon. Be the first one to do it to bag the bragging right!

How To Throw A Fabulous Virtual Bachelorette With Your Bridesmaids

by Shivani Singh

How To Throw A Fabulous Virtual Bachelorette With Your Bridesmaids