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In India, any important function or celebration is incomplete without something sweet. From meethi dahi before any exam or rashugulla after dinner, it is so hard to say no to desserts. And after getting inspiration from the west, Indians have also started the tradition of cutting cakes at weddings. 

To help you out with the cake, we have picked these white cakes for your wedding. No matter what kind of experiment you do with cakes, white cakes will remain the classiest and most elegant cake of all time. Here are our favourite white wedding cakes designs.

Top White Wedding Cakes

1. Hues of Maroon with Delicate Flowers

2. Textured Shimmering Sands Dessert Rose Cake

3. Personalised Cake, Inspired By The Couple's Invitation Cards

Source GĀYA’S

4. Elegant Raspberry & Chocolate Cake with Macarons

Source GĀYA’S

5. Cake Adorned With Dried and Pressed Flowers

6. Coconut & Vanilla Cube Cake With A Minimalist Design 

Source GĀYA’S

7. The Colours of this Cake Remind us of Summer Weddings!

Source GĀYA’S

8. Marble Gold Leaf Cake Filled with Raspberry Preserve & Decorated with Fresh White Orchids

9. The Flowers on this Pretty Cake are Detailed by Hand

10. Edible Vanilla Swan Cake Decorated with White Chocolate Hand Made Feathers

11. We Are So in Love with this Ombre Texture

Source Ha Doan

12. This Beautiful Cake Was Made Using Bas-relief Sculpture Technique

Source Ha Doan

13. How Clever it is to Add Edible Pearls in your Wedding

Source Pinterest

14. Floral Pink & Blue Texture, Minimal Cake Design

Source GĀYA’S

15. Different Colours Complementing the White Base of the Cake

Source GĀYA’S

16. Less is Always More! Subtle White Cube cake

17. These Handmade Sugar Flowers Look Like Real Ones

Source Cake Ink

18. Splendid Cake With Pearls & Gold

Source GĀYA’S

19. One Word For The Cake: Stunning!

20. Simple Elegant Wedding cake for Intimate Weddings

21. Painted Buttercream Flowers on Gold Leaf

22. It is All About the Detailing!

23. White Stunner Inspired by the Bride's Dress

24. Watercolour Cake with Exquisite Blue Flowers

25. Cute & Dainty Hand Painted Wedding Cake

26. Graceful Wafer Paper Ruffles on the Cake

27. Marble Tower Cake with Loads of White Roses

28. Thin Gelatin Sheets Are Used to Create Ethereal Water Effect 

29. Include Your Pets in the Wedding too 

30. How Pretty is this Champagne Oyster Cake?


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25+ Trending White Wedding Cakes We Found For This Wedding Season

by Rashmi Jayara

25+ Trending White Wedding Cakes We Found For This Wedding Season