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Indian weddings and crazy times go hand in hand. What’s the point of having a wedding where nobody is enjoying. Organising a wedding for several guests is a hard task. And with all the customs and rituals that an Indian wedding has, it gets more hectic. But that doesn’t mean that you will not have fun. We, Indians, are very popular in doing bizarre things which other people don’t think of doing. Be it having almost a week-long celebration of a wedding or wearing lehengas that weigh in kilos, we are known for doing things a little extra only. Our Indian weddings are filled with joy, laughter, dance and so many crazy things. Today we have curated a list of the craziest practices and customs, we can only see in an Indian wedding. 

10 Crazy Things That Can Only Happen At An Indian Wedding

1. Rice Throwing Ceremony

You must have noticed that brides are asked to throw rice at the time of vidaai. But have you thought why? It is considered as a thank you gesture from the bride to her parents for feeding and loving her. 

2. Joota Chupai

Sorry brides, but the most important thing for the ladke vale is the groom’s shoes. The main motive of the groomsmen is to keep the shoes safe from the girl’s side. Because if the saaliyan get the shoes, you cannot have it back without paying the shagun. 

3. Bride’s Griha Pravesh

In this ceremony, the bride is welcomed by the family of the groom. She is asked to push a kalash filled with rice, with the toe of her right foot. She also leaves her footprint by applying ‘alta’ on her feet. It is believed that with the entry of the bride, only good things will come. 

4. Fishing The Ring

This ritual is usually followed in the northern part of India. After the entry of the bride in her new home, this ceremony is done. A ring, along with coins and flowers is kept in a vessel filled with milk. The task is to find the ring. And whoever finds the ring first, is believed to dominate more. 

5. The ‘Jaan’ Ritual

Famous among the Gujaratis, this ritual is done to pull the groom’s leg. At the time of the entry, the mother of the bride tries to grab the groom’s nose. 

6. Dance Off

Gone are the days with just one performance of the bride and the groom. There is no fun in the sangeet ceremony if there is no competition between the groom’s and bride’s family. 

7. Kaleera Dropping Ceremony

Popular among North Indians, this ceremony is considered holy and holds a significant value. First, the bride is adorned with the kaleeras and then she has to drop them on one of the unmarried bridesmaids.  

8. Dramatic Uncles

When it comes to entertaining the guests, Indians cannot stay behind. This new trend is going viral where the men dress up with chunnis and dance for their performances. 

9. Naagin & Dhol Naach

If you haven’t seen someone dancing and rolling on the floor in an Indian wedding, then you were living under the rocks. People dance their heart out when it comes to dancing on dhol. 

10. Ribbon Cutting

Basic welcome with just an aarti is so old school. Nowadays, it’s a challenge for the groom to enter the venue without cutting the ribbon. The groom is not allowed to enter without giving an entry fee to the bridesmaids (be ready to charge some hefty amount :p)


Which one did you find the craziest? Share your crazy thing with us. 

Crazy Things That Can Only Happen At An Indian Wedding

by Rashmi Jayara

Crazy Things That Can Only Happen At An Indian Wedding