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At first thought, co-ord sets and sharara sets might seem like the absolute same outfits but actually, both have a lot of differences and there are multiple pros and cons to each of these outfits. We’ve seen multiple brides debate between co-ord sets and sharara sets and contemplate which one is better and which one will actually help these brides look better at their wedding functions. So, to help you lovely to-be brides decide we looked closely at both the silhouettes and compiled a pro and con list. Scroll below to find out what we discovered!

What To Wear When: Co-ord Sets v/s Sharara Sets

Co-ord Sets

Co-ord set in simpler terms means a matching outfit which is a new and smart way of dressing in one long outfit while being super comfy. Very recently, co-ord sets have taken over Indian outfits and have revolutionised the way brides dress up. This new silhouette works well for one too many wedding functions being your own or of your friend or family.

Pros of Co-ord Sets

1. Co-ord sets are so comfortable and can be made in literally any fabric because of how versatile the silhouette is.

2. A co-ord set is one of the few bridal outfits which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This Indian outfit starts from the range of 5K to not more than 30K.

3. Voluminous sleeves? A cape on top? Or a belt to compliment your outfit? In co-ord sets, you have all the scope for experimentation. This bridal outfit is still so new that everyone is open to playing around and creating something fresh!

4. Co-ord sets can be reused a plethora of times even after your wedding is over as you can mix-match it with anything on the top or at the bottom. Throw in a cape on top and you’ve got so many new outfits within that one outfit.

5. With intimate weddings going nowhere in the foreseeable future, a co-ord set is an ideal outfit for most of your wedding functions.

Cons of Co-ord Sets

1. Not a lot of designers and brands are open to making co-ord sets. While this outfit is still a new option for brides, but only some designers are making this silhouette.

2. You always have the fear of looking flushed out in this silhouette as it isn’t that grand as your bridal sharara can be.

3. Your co-ord set will never come with a dupatta so there are chances that you won’t get a typical ethnic bridal look from this outfit.

4. This silhouette is not even an option for brides who believe in going all out when it comes to their outfit choices.

Sharara Sets

Shararas have been around for a while now and have basically replaced your suit pieces. This silhouette also gained a lot of popularity after the trend of intimate weddings began and now brides don’t seem to get enough of it!

Pros of Sharara Sets

1. You can go as minimal and as grand as you want with your bridal sharara.

2. Whether it's your day mehendi, your intimate wedding or your Roka ceremony, a sharara can be the right choice for any of these functions.

3. Sharara as a silhouette helps all brides get the perfect figure so get ready to have a perfectly sculpted look thanks to this outfit.

4. Shararas can be done with both pants and skirts so you always have that extra option ready for you!

Cons of Sharara Sets

1. Shararas are beautiful and also help you achieve a beautiful figure but are not that comfortable due to the sculpted fitting.

2. Shararas start at a decent price but the really nice ones will actually put a hole in your pocket.

3. Not a lot of mix and match can be done with this silhouette so unlike a co-ord set you cannot make a lot of outfits out of a sharara set.

4. Shararas do not look flattering on all body types. It has a good number of pros but this is a major con of this silhouette!


So ladies, co-ord sets v/s sharara sets - what are you going to opt for? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

What To Wear When: Co-ord Sets v/s Sharara Sets

by Shweghna Gursahaney

What To Wear When: Co-ord Sets v/s Sharara Sets