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Weddings are a family affair in India. And everyone, and we mean everyone wants to get down on the dance floor and celebrate your upcoming nuptials! Enter the era of choreographed dances by cousins, friends, family members, and even the bride herself! So whether it is sangeet night or a friends group dance, get ready to get down and jiggy with it!

So, we've rounded up a few of our favourite fab performances by friends and family members at weddings! Whether it's the bride's best friend surprised her with a spicy number or her mother making her sob with her sauve moves, we are here for the love of the occasion, and the love of the dance! Let's take a look!

Latest Dance Performances by Friends & Family

Ooo Antavama

Just killer moves by the father of the bride, seriously killer moves! The young ones can't keep up with him at all?

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Friend Frenzy

When your friends are so very happy that you're finally getting married and can't wait to celebrate!

Childhood Bestie

When a chaddi-buddy surprises you with her smooth moves! This is so sweet you guys ?

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Marriage Goals

When Bhai-bhabhi set goals for you two on the dance floor ?

Surprise, dost

The bride's bestie surprised her with a sizzling sweet number!

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We are Family

Celebrating the joyous union of two families, the girl's side prepared an epic number for the boy's side on mehendi day!

Sweet Moves

When jalebi's baby is bae and you can't resist the song!

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Aaja Nach Le

When the groom's side wants to tease him ?

Hand in Hand

When you and your bestie set the dance floor on fire! Oof, we are here for the lovely collaborations!

What an Entry!

When your friends dance their way to the floor to prepare everyone for your entry - we are in love!

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Sister Power

The groom's sisters put up a fab performance for their darling brother!

Girl Gang Goals

When the bride and her friends got together to slay us all with their hot moves!

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Boy Band

Groomsmen that not only coordinate outfits but dance moves? Sign us up!

Money Heist

Bridesmaids celebrating after the joota chupai rasam ?

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Nostalgic Dance

From the song to the moves, this performance is bound to give you all the feels!

Like Them

When mom and dad set the floor on fire! What coordination, what chemistry ?

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LIT Party

Bestie slaying with some sizzling moves for the cocktail night!

Sisters-in-law Squad

When the sisters-in-law get down and dirty on the dance floor!

Dynamic Duo

Bride and her bestie showing off their smooth moves!

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This bridesmaid brings back all the feels from yesteryear with a super nostalgic song-dance number!

Welcome to the Family

Mom-in-law and husband dancing for the bride! So cute you guys! ?

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Sisters before Misters

Sister of the bride dancing like there's no tomorrow and we are here for her hot moves!

Flash Mob

The bridesmaids put together a surprise flash mob for the mehendi ceremony!

Mom Goals

Mom and aunts put together a fantastic performance for the bride. She's crying and so are we, it's so cute ??

Face Off

The song is perfect, and so are the moves - need we say more?

Tag Team

From dancing on your bed to dancing at your wedding - sisters are the best ?

Dad Moves

Father of the bride with his friends dancing their hearts out ?

Brotherly Love

Brothers of the bride being all sweet and cute, leaving all the fighting at home!

Final Words


From proper choreographed sets to flash mobs - we are here for bringing all the fun and joy to weddings. What performance do you want to create at your wedding?


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#Bookmark: Trending Dance Performances by Friends & Family on Weddings!

by Maggie S.

#Bookmark: Trending Dance Performances by Friends & Family on Weddings!