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Shaadi for us is “chance pe dance”. We look for chances where we can dance with all our hearts out. And Indian weddings are filled with these opportunities. We can never get tired of the week-long celebration. But what can be tiring is to create a choreographed dance. We understand that all of us want to enjoy the wedding but also want to plan hai dhamakedar sangeet.

Fret not besties, we at ShaadiSaga understand this. That’s why we have brought some of our favourite dance videos that we spotted on the internet. You can easily learn from these performances and recreate them for your dance night. From the bride to groom squad, family members and even the couple itself, we have something for everyone. So bookmark this blog and let’s get started. 

Trending Dance Performances That You Can Recreate

Bride Squad

Sorry grooms, but we will be Team Bride always <3. We totally understand if you also dreamt of your dance night since your childhood. We found these very cute dance performances of the bride squad, dancing on some trending songs. Save your favourite!

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Groom Squad

Don't worry grooms! We did not forget you. We have handpicked these funny and groovy dance sequences that you can include in your sangeet. You and your best men will set the stage on fire with these dances! So hurry up and start practising. 

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Bridal Entry

Gone are the days when brides entered the wedding venue with shyness. Look at these brides who made a fatakedar entry with a bridal entry dance. We could not help ourselves but vibe with them while watching the videos. Choose your favourite bride!

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Celebrity Special

When it comes to dancing, even celebrities cannot resist it. From Alia Bhatt to Rahul-Disha, we found these sangeet dance performances that we wanted to share with you all. We are definitely recreating these dances, what about you?

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Group and Family Performances 

Just a disclaimer everyone, keep your tissues handy! These performances are so overwhelming that we could not control our tears. Be it the Uncles special dance performance or ladka v/s ladki face-off, they are super cute for you all. 

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Couple Dance

Last, but defintely not least, we also have some super cheesy and romantic dances for the couples. Make your 2022 wedding fun and full of love by taking some inspiration from these real couples

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Do you need some song suggestions as well. Click here for an amazing playlist for your wedding fucntions! 

31+ Dance Performances That You Can Recreate For The Sangeet Night

by Rashmi Jayara

31+ Dance Performances That You Can Recreate For The Sangeet Night