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Since the beginning of time, the pheras have been considered as one of the most auspicious rituals of any wedding. And, it is only befitting to celebrate this special moment by adding a melodious touch by having your guests ring bells. Not only will bells amplify the joyous moment but will also elevate the occasion for you and your other half.

Scroll below to read how you can incorporate bells during your pheras!  

Different & Unique Ways to Incorporate Bells During Your Pheras

A Bell with a Note

A great way to incorporate a bell in your pheras ritual is by keeping one for each guest along with a note that can have the flow of the wedding function or a sweet message from you and your other half. Not only will the note give some context to your guests but the bell complimenting it will help spread a positive energy!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Place a Bell With Petals

The act of ringing bells during the pheras is believed to give blessings to the couple and what better way to do it than with rose petals? Place the bell with petals so that all your guests can ring the bell followed by showering rose petals on you and your other half during your pheras.

Put a Bell With Quotes

A fun way to incorporate bells during your pheras is by adding a fun little quote like, “ring me during pheras” or “shower love on the happy couple”. Not only will it add a fun twist to the ritual but will also put a smile on your guests’ faces!


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