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Your bridal jewellery can make or break your wedding outfit! Even the most breathtakingly gorgeous lehenga can look all bizarre if not paired with the right set of jewels or accessories. Which is why you ought to pay some attention to them dangling earrings & the perfect combination of necklaces too. 

Buying your bridal jewellery may not be the first thing on your wedding to-do list, but it shouldn't be the last one either. Especially when you know what a taxing task it is to hunt down those perfect baubles to wear on your wedding day. With innumerable options available in polki, kundan, rubies, pearls, emeralds, and so many different styles, it only gets all the more difficult to settle on one without getting confused. And then you sure can't risk it by delegating this duty to someone else. So, we thought of turning into your true saviors yet again and tell you some useful tips and tricks to keep in mind before buying your jewellery.

Give them a quick read and get your jewellery shopping right! 

Tips & Tricks to know about while Jewellery Shopping

1. Know what is trending

Just how doing a wee bit of research is inevitable before buying your bridal lehenga, understanding the latest jewellery trends or knowing what kind of baubles will best suit your bridal lehenga is also important. So, make it a point that you are doing your homework before beginning with your jewellery shopping. Know what all types of necklaces (from fancy bib-necklaces to dainty chokers) or gemstones can be best teamed with your outfit.

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2. Before everything check out your family heirloom jewellery 

Most of our mommies and grannies own a lot of antique jewellery pieces that can be very well put to re-use as your bridal jewellery. Maybe not as it is, but with a few changes here and there. So, don’t forget to give their royal chests a thorough check. You never know which piece might just match with your attire.

3. Decide on a budget and don’t go beyond that

If you don’t want to end up spending all your money on your bridal jewellery, be smart and set a budget for the same. This way you will not only cut down on that extra & unnecessary expense but also be able to splurge lavishly on your wedding outfits instead.

4. Investment or Luxury: What is the motive behind your purchase?

In case, you want to keep your bridal jewellery as an added investment for later, prefer pure gold over anything else. However, if it’s not for investment purpose & merely a luxuriant splurge, you don’t have to be this choosy and buy anything that quenches your thirst. 

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5. Buy your jewellery from trusted jewellers 

Make sure you buy your bridal jewellery only from a trusted jeweller and not from any random local jeweller. They can easily be relied upon for authentic and quality products. Also, whenever you’re buying your jewellery don’t forget to check if it is hallmarked or not. Lastly, do ask for a cash memo after your purchase in case of any exchange or returns in future.

6. Opt for two or more smaller necklaces over a heavier one

It’s completely okay if you don’t want to buy a bulky or an all decked up jewellery set to team with your lehenga. You can always pick up necklaces in different sizes and then wear them together without feeling weighed down. As an added benefit, you’ll also be able to wear those necklaces individually on different occasions giving you an all new different look each time.

7. Get your jewellery customized as per your needs

After digging deeper, if you still fail to find anything that matches your taste & preferences, you can even get your bridal jewellery customized from a good jeweler. Even though he would charge you a few extra bucks for the customizations but it’ll definitely be worth the money spent. 

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8. Go for classics

While jewellery shopping, always keep in mind that you’re not buying anything that you know you won’t wear later. Stick to classic jewellery designs like the evergreen kundan princess necklaces or those timeless broad stranded polki matha pattis. However, if you like experimenting, go for anything unique & offbeat.

9. First things first! Buy your jewellery before buying your wedding lehenga

Confused about whether to buy your jewellery or your lehenga first? Well, we would suggest you to pick your jewellery first. One, it’s a huge investment. Two, you will not have to worry about your blouse neckline going wrong.

10. Select something that best suits your face shape and skin tone

Apart from keeping your wedding attire in mind, it’s also equally imperative to take your face shape and skin tone into consideration while jewellery shopping. After all, it’s not necessary that the majestic bib necklace that Deepika donned on her wedding will suit you just as much as it did to her. So, it’s better to first know which necklace type, whether an aadh or a collar, will best suit your face shape & skin tone.

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11. Don't forget to take advice from these three people

First, your bridal makeup artist; Second, your bridal designer; Third, your mother. A good makeup artist and hairstylist is capable of guiding you of what kind of jewellery will suit your jawline, forehead and other aesthetics of your face. Your bridal designer will make sure they suggest you the best possible jewellery style according to your blouse neckline and the color palette of your lehenga. Lastly, your mother who has groomed you your entire life will instantly make you decide what should your ultimate. Not that you have to strictly follow as they say, but don't forget to consider their inputs while on your shopping spree.


Happy Shopping!

Most Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying your Bridal Jewellery

by Anupriya Khanna

Most Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying your Bridal Jewellery