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Imagine, you are living your daily life. Going to the office, hanging out with your friends and scrolling through Instagram. But then one day, your BFF drops a bomb over your head with a piece of news. “Bro! I’m finally getting married,” she says. *2 mins silence* 🤫

Now you don’t know how to react to the news. But, you are, of course, happy deep-inside and you know that things are going to change eventually. You start recalling all the plans you both made years ago. Remember, you promised a duet dance with her on “Piya-Piya”. And the time when you helped each other in getting ready and said: “Shaadi me bhi mai tayyar karungi tujhe”. 

Source: Zero Gravity Photography; Alia Bhatt

The feeling is inexplicable. But don’t worry, you are not alone. We all have gone through the same rollercoaster in our lives. It is a mixed feeling when your best friend announces the big news. So today, we have noted down all the thoughts and feelings, to which you will relate if your BFF is getting married. Don’t forget to share this blog with your BFF bride who is getting married soon! 

9 Things You Will Relate To When Your BFF Is Getting Married

1. The excitement is never-ending

When your friend reveals her wedding, you just cannot stop the excitement. You want to tell everyone that your BFF is getting married. EVERYONE! It’s really hard to control the excitement, right?

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2. You become the wedding planner

Since you know the bride best, you are the one who she trusts completely. From your choice of decor to the cuisines, it will be your responsibility to make sure that every work is done on time. When she wants to visit a salon or rest for some time you need to be her wedding planner throughout. 

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3. No sudden plans 😐

You will definitely miss your sudden plans with her. Remember how after work, you called her to meet you up. But now she'd be too busy with her wedding preps. And even after her wedding, the chances of making her sudden plans would be less as she will be a 'bahu'.

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4. ‘G-Talk’ with her

Talking about your exes won’t be a nice thing to do. Now you can’t even tease her with different names. Because now, she’s getting married to one and only! 😜

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5. Shopping, Shopping & Shopping!  

Earlier, it used to be shopping at H&M, Forever 21 and of course Sarojini Nagar. But don't complain if she takes you along to Big Bazaar and home decor places (Haha). After all, she needs to start preparing for her marriage life. 

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6. Husband-to-be will be the third wheeling

You will surely miss your dates with your BFF. Because now, your 'jeeju' would come everywhere. Be it lunch or shopping, you three will be going together. 

7. Shift of attention

It feels bad when your BFF is spending time with someone else. There will be times when she won't be able to give you enough time because she'd be talking to her husband-to-be. Trust us, you are not alone. 

8. Of course, you will miss her

The impromptu plans, gossip sessions and laughter therapy, everything you do with her seem less because it is so fun to have her around. But after her wedding, she won’t be around you. And maybe, she won’t be a call away. So cherish the time you still have with your BFF!

9. Now you want to get married

Isn’t that obvious? After seeing all the excitement, the urge to get married starts. You wish that you find a cute boy at the wedding (in a dramatic way of course). Start the countdown and wait for your BFF to be the bridesmaid

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So, what is that thing that you will miss the most? Tell us!

9 Things You Will Relate To When Your BFF is Getting Married!

by Rashmi Jayara

9 Things You Will Relate To When Your BFF is Getting Married!