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Hey reader! Do you have a wedding to attend in the coming weeks? If we were in the pre-covid era, we would have aided you with the best outfit ideas, trending makeup inspo, hairstyle ideas, gift options, and much more! But since we are battling a pandemic and this deadly virus has wreaked havoc in our country, it is equally important to know the dos and don’ts of attending a coronial wedding.

Firstly, please know that it is absolutely okay to have mixed feelings about having to attend a wedding amid the pandemic. On one side, you are super happy that a loved one is getting hitched, but at the same time, you fear the infectious virus that has been looming over our lives for over a year now. The dilemma is legit! Well, this is exactly why we have created this ultimate Guest Guide for you; it is a list of some imperative dos and don’ts you ought to remember if you have a wedding to attend during the corona pandemic. We also have you covered if you can’t attend an approaching wedding in near future. So, read till the end!

Things to Keep In Mind Before Attending A Wedding During Coronavirus Spread

1. Get Tested Before Being A Part Of Wedding Celebrations

We cannot emphasize the importance of getting tested enough! Everyone, including the bride, groom, parents, vendors, and every guest, must get themselves tested before being a part of the celebrations. It goes without saying that doing so will ensure everyone’s safety and pave way for merry revelries.

2. Don’t Attend The Wedding Even If You Have A Single COVID-19 Symptom

The times are such that you cannot ignore a single symptom. You gotta be responsible, for the sake of others’ safety, and take a step back from the wedding celebrations if you develop even a single symptom of COVID-19.

3. Mask Up!

Do we even need to say this? Wear the mask while you are at the wedding venue. In fact, wear double masks for better safety!

4. Keep A Sanitiser Handy

Every wedding has several sanitiser corners but it is best to carry your own sanitiser. And make sure you use it often!

5. Practice Social Distancing

Practice social distancing as much as possible at the wedding. Remember, you can always share tight hugs when the situation is better. But wait, we understand it is not completely possible to maintain physical distance at a wedding. So during any cosy moment - whether you are speaking to someone, dancing with your clan, or posing for pictures - ensure that the mask is ON!

6. Refrain Parents From Attending the Wedding If They Have Underlying Health Issues

Owing to the Coronavirus complications being witnessed in patients with underlying health issues like diabetes, blood pressure issues, asthma, etc., they should avoid any sort of gathering!

7. Carry Extra Mask In Pocket

Just in case your mask falls off, you ought to have a backup mask handy.

8. Don’t Forget To Apply For The Movement Pass

If there are lockdown restrictions in your city, you will have to apply for a movement pass for smooth travel and avoid getting fined.

9. Won’t Be Able To Attend The Wedding? Fret Not!

If you can’t attend the wedding due to any reason, don’t feel guilty! Here are a few things you can do:

  • Send a gift for the couple
  • E-attend the wedding
  • Communicate over a call or send a heartfelt message

Final Words

Lastly, we would just say that attend the wedding only if you feel comfortable. It is possible you are on the fence about whether to attend the wedding or not, and it is absolutely normal to feel so. Honestly, you will have to calculate the risk factors and decide accordingly. Cuz despite taking all the precautions, this virus might just infect you or your loved ones. Lastly, stick to your decision and don’t have double thoughts.


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Guest Guide: Things To Keep In Mind Before Attending A Wedding Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Medha Chawla

Guest Guide: Things To Keep In Mind Before Attending A Wedding Amid COVID-19 Pandemic