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A wedding must be celebrated, for they are a celebration of your love! Wedding planning, however, can be quite a task in these difficult times. But don’t you worry! ShaadiSaga is committed to making your wedding experience the most wonderful one. A lot couple of couples that we have met earlier and these days alike are confused about the gifts that they want to thank their guests for the graceful presence with or the wedding favours. 

We all know that COVID -19 has pushed us in a situation where we can’t invite more than 50 guests but we assure you that these 50 guests are gonna return with a million beautiful memories, happiness in their hearts, and brightest smiles on their faces from your wedding ceremony. These COVID 19 special thoughtful wedding favour gift ideas are carefully curated by us for you. Check them out!

11 Thoughtful Gifts To Offer As Wedding Favours During Covid-19

Hand Sanitisers For Your Guests

A creatively decorated hand sanitiser will not only be useful to your guests but will leave them in splits

Customised Masks & Gloves 

First things first! We know masks and gloves are important. Why not get them personalised to your wedding guests!

Soaps & Candles? Checked!

This one always works! Scented soaps & candles to keep their both their hygiene and mood in check!

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For Your Baker Wedding Guests!

#Lockdownspecial: Baking kits for your baker friends, for they love spending time in front of the oven

Source cakewhiz

Beauty Skincare Kit

No women ever said 'no' to some skincare. Now is the time to hydrate that skin, after all!

Source ctrlcurate

Grooming Kits For The Dapper Guests

Why should women have all the fun? Grooming kits for men are a must!

For The Guests Who LOVE Cooking!

Infuse some romance in the lives of other people too with these cute aprons for a couple

Source amazon

Painting Is Their Passion? Yeah...

Gift your painter friend a painting set and he/she gonna remember your thoughtfulness for life!

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Cos Who Doesn't Love Watches!

No surprises here! Watches have been the go-to option for wedding favour gifts for  the longest time

Source fossil

Delicious Cookies Are Always Yes!

No one can say no to some yummy cookies and chocolates (Important: only the packed ones!)

DIY Wedding Favours

Open doors to personalisation with some DIY gifts, for nothing, beats doing-it-yourself!

Final Thoughts!

There! Some gifts that will not only leave your guests appreciating your thoughtfulness but will also be amused with your hard work and humour. Can you think of some better gifts? Do let us know in the comment section below! And the ones, selecting from the list, don’t forget to mention your favourite one!


We hope that you found the perfect gift that you were looking for! Don't forget you share the blog with your friends who planning to get married soon.

#IntimateWedding: 11 Wedding Favour Ideas For Your Guests in COVID-19 Time!

by Apoorva Saxena

#IntimateWedding: 11 Wedding Favour Ideas For Your Guests in COVID-19 Time!