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For its sweet-surreal charm, its bewitching vivacity & joyful feels, the expansive use of color pink in Indian weddings is simply phenomenal. Not just that, but pink is one of the "forever colors" when it comes to bridal outfits or lehengas and it is so for all the right reasons. The charismatic effervescence that pink lehengas lend makes it one of the most sought after & loved lehenga hues amongst brides. Moreso, pink is a go-to for brides who don't want to wear red but also don't want to don some offbeat colors like greens, blues, and ivory.

With a vast color palette to choose from, brides are frolicking about amidst varied hues ranging from light & blush pinks to fuschia & rani pinks and are acing their bridal looks effortlessly. But, if you're someone who would love to wear a pink lehenga but with a splash or an infusion of some other color along with, we would love to aid you with that. Just like we ideated you on how easily you can amp up your basic red bridal lehengas, we're gonna give you all the glam ways of how to wear pink lehengas in a different way.

Also, some of the basic colors that go perfectly with almost all the different shades of pink are:

  • Pastels
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Gold or Silver
  • Mint Green
  • Ice Blue or Turquoise
  • Peach or Coral
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Let's begin already?!

Stylish & Glam Ways to Amp Up your Basic Pink Lehenga

1. The dupatta in a different color.

Choosing your dupatta in another shade with your pink lehenga is the basic and easiest of ways of wearing your basic pink lehenga differently. Also, if you've chosen two dupattas for your attire, you can have one of them in the color of your lehenga and the other one in a different hue!

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2. Styling the double dupattas in different colors.

The grace and elegance of double dupattas are undeniable for the edge and defined structure it adds to the bridal lehenga. Choose the color that you want to combine with pink wisely and then either have both your dupattas in the same shade or have both of them in different shades. Choice is yours!


3. A bright mix of parrot green and hot pink.

With a dash of pink on the sleeves & borders and a scintillating fuschia pink benarasi dupatta paired with a parrot green lehenga, this outfit makes up for a really unique one!


4. Choose your lehenga blouse or top in a different color.

Another way of amping up your basic pink lehenga is by opting for the top of your lehenga in a different color. Pick your favorite color combination and go slay!

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5. Just a pink skirt for a multicolored lehenga!

Pair your gorgeous pink lehenga skirt with a completely different hued blouse and dupatta. Just make sure to mix and match the colors wisely.


6. The skirt of your lehenga could be in a different color too.

This one is a bit tricky but works its charm perfectly if done rightly! To create a symmetry in your entire bridal outfit you can have one of your dupattas in the shade of your lehenga skirt and balance your color palette out!


7. Minimal hints of different colors with beautiful embroideries.

This jacket choli with colorful embroideries all over is a quirky way of adding subtle hints of color in just the right way.

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8. A subtle mix of different hues!

Having the hues of your lehenga infused and mixed with each other combined with unique prints is one of the latest styles to wear a pink lehenga in a new way.


9. A dual-toned lehenga skirt!

This skirt beautifully done in hues of pink and bright orange jazzed up with gota patti work is such a great way of adding a pop of color!


10. Multiple shades creating the perfect ombre effect.

The way varied hues infuse with each other yet maintaining the vividness of pink, dual or multi-toned lehengas like this is a great edgy pink lehenga wearing style.

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11. Silver & chrome for the perfect glitz & shimmer!

This bride wore a stunning pink and chrome lehenga and it looks like an absolute dream.


12. How about a quirky jacket?

Just like this bride teamed her hot pink top and skirt with a colorful cape jacket you too can opt for an attire like this for your mehndi ceremony!

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13. Not an "OTT Pink" kinda bride? Pick up a pink dupatta instead!

If you're wearing a lehenga of some other color but want a dash of pink for sure then, opt for a pink dupatta in the shade that matches or contrasts with your lehenga perfectly! And well, you're good to go!

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How are you going to style your pink lehengas? Let us know!

13 Different & Modern Ways to Amp up Your Pink Bridal Lehenga

by Divya Arora

13 Different & Modern Ways to Amp up Your Pink Bridal Lehenga