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With the desire of choosing double dupattas in your bridal lehenga, also comes along the crucial task of deciding upon their colors. One of the most common questions that we’re always asked on #askusanythingweddings is how to style the two dupattas and if we can suggest some aesthetically matching or contrasting color combinations for the same. And being your saviour, we’re here to help you with that.

We’ve prepared a short and quick guide that will help you with the color styling of your dupattas. Also, we’ve curated a list of some unique and all-time color combinations for you to take some inspiration from!

So go get those heads turning!

Color Styling Tips

If your lehenga is of a single color including the first dupatta, then for your second dupatta,

  • either choose a matching color or,
  • a contrasting color 

If your ensemble is dual-toned (where blouse & lehenga are in same colors or blouse & first dupatta are in same colors or lehenga & first dupatta are in same colors), then your second dupatta

  • can be same as the second or the lesser color or,
  • can be of a third color

(the key here is to maintain the right color balance)

If your lehenga is multi-colored or the lehenga, blouse, and the first dupatta are in different colors, then your second dupatta

  • can match either your lehenga or blouse or the dupatta in the same color or,
  • can match your first dupatta in a different shade but, from the same color palette (e.g., green & mint green, pink & blush pink, lavender & lilac etc.)

If your primary dupatta is heavy, the opt for a lighter second dupatta for your ease and comfort. Try wearing the lighter dupatta on the head and draping the heavier one.


Color Combinations

1. Primrose yellow with a sage green dupatta

2. Marsala & cherry red

3. Raspberry wine with lilac

4. Yellow and peach

5. Turquoise & cherry red for that off-beat look

6. Ivory and peach for that subtleness

7. Bottle green dupatta with a green & red bandhani dupatta (super yay!)

8. Add that glam to golden yellow with burnt orange

9. Peach pink with red

10. A cream dupatta paired with light turquoise for the classy feels

11. Red for that pop of color over floral embroidered ivory dupatta

12. Dark blue & red

13. A tomato red dupatta over a heavily floral embroidered ivory dupatta

14. Highly embellished ivory dupatta balanced out with light turquoise 

15. Electric pink & sage green

16. Turquoise with blush pink

17. Olive green & light pink

18. Red with mint green

19. Ivory & blush pink dupattas with matching borders

Outfit by Shrangar, Delhi

20. Cherry red with dusty pink is a pretty combination!

21. Ivory & gold with tangerine

22. The classic red and beige

23. Magenta with light turquoise

24. Orange and red dupattas with borders matching the lehenga

25. A unique combination of honey yellow and ruby pink 

26. Balancing out a multi-colored lehenga and a red dupatta with a seafoam green dupatta

27. Blush pink & emerald green

                                                            Read:-Best Wedding Photographers

28. Wine and White

29. Dusty pink with fuschia pink

30. Chocolate brown with burnt orange? (woah!)

Have you found & saved your favorite color combination yet?



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How to Color Style your Double Dupattas + some unique Color Combinations

by Divya Arora

How to Color Style your Double Dupattas + some unique Color Combinations