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Greetings to all our brides stuck under lockdown! 

It's been quite a journey, waiting for this lockdown to be lifted and life to go back to normal. However, that's gonna be a while. And your lockdown life is very close to turning into a deadpan of American sitcom reruns. (Hey, Friends is an all-time favourite, but seriously how long is too long?)

We, at ShaadiSaga, believe in the motto - 'Just Keep Swimming'. And keeping this in mind, we've started a segment of LIVE sessions on Instagram called #SSQuarantineSessions! Our wedding inspo connoisseurs have teamed up with renowned experts from the wedding industry for an array of daily Instagram live sessions. With an army of bridal designers & stylists, hair and makeup artists, fitness instructors, dieticians and nutritionists, our #SSQuarantineSessions will not just cover what's trending and hot but will also share interesting hacks, DIYs, tips and tricks!

#SSQuarantineSessions With Celebrity Hairstylist Ritika Kadam

Whether you're planning to get into shape for your big day or use this quarantine time to whip up a homemade scrub straight from your kitchen cupboard and get going on that bridal skincare regime, we've got you covered with renowned experts in the wedding industry!

The latest edition of our live session was with one of the most famous, and loved, celebrity and bridal hairstylist, Ritika Kadam! For the live session, hairstylist Ritika Kadam showed us how to achieve a voluminous blow-dry at home. For the blow-dry, Ritika started by prepping the hair with a hair serum for added shine and smoothness. According to her, any hair serum is perfect to prep the hair before a blow-dry. The main purpose of a blowdry should be to give volume near the scalp to the hair while bringing it down straight. During her session, Ritika showed the viewers how to gain volume with a simple blowdry and other techniques for achieving a silkier and smoother look. Following the blowdry, Ritika showed everyone how to curl the hair using a straightening iron.

While showing everyone how to master a salon-style blow-dry at home, Ritika also answered some commonly asked questions by brides-to-be.  

1. If someone has an oily scalp, how can they achieve a long-lasting blow-dry?

A. If you have a naturally oily scalp, then use dry shampoo before the blow-dry. 

2. Which blow dryer do you prefer using?

A. I use a Torlen. However, it can be any professional-grade blowdryer.

3. Is it important to blow dry your hair before curling them?

A. Yes. However, it depends heavily on the texture of the hair. If you have frizzy or curly hair then blowdrying your hair straight before the curling is important and helpful. Whereas, if you're hair is straight, then a light blow dry will work.

4. A hair straightener recommended by you?

A. Ikonic is one of the best brands I have used. In fact, most of my hair tools are from Ikonic Professional. 

5. How do you get volume on the crown area?

A. While blowdrying your hair around the crown region, blowdry the hair in the opposite direction of the natural parting for extra volume. 

6. How do you make ironed curls last longer?

A. Whenever you curl every section, spritz hair sprays lightly over the section. Once the entire hair is done, add another few spritzes of the hair spray. Be careful as too much hairspray may make your hair sticky or oily. 

7. What hairspray do you prefer using?

A. Bed Head by TIGI. 

8. Which appliance do you prefer for your curls, straightening irons or tongs?

A. I prefer curling hair with a curling tong.

9. If you have keratin or rebounding in your hair, is it important to blowdry your hair?

A. For hair that has Keratin or Rebonding treatment in them, then they can skip the blowdry as it may make you lose your volume. 

OMG! That was so much fun, right? The live session with bridal hairstylist Ritika Kadam was an informative one, where she showed us much about the basic hairstyling hacks that one can do in the comfort of their homes. Plus, she also shared some of her favourite products that she uses in hairstyling along with certain tips and tricks to make sure that your blow-dry looks flawless till the very end!

If you missed this live, don't worry, as we have many exciting things lined up for you guys! Here's the schedule for this week's live sessions. 

Source ShaadiSaga

So, brides-to-be, don't let this lockdown bring down your spirits. Take this extra time as a blessing in disguise! We hope that these live sessions along with our constant affinity towards all things positively weddings keep you motivated and joyful, even in these tough times.


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#SSQuarantineSessions: With Famous Celebrity Hairstylist Ritika Kadam!

by Shivani Singh

#SSQuarantineSessions: With Famous Celebrity Hairstylist Ritika Kadam!