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You’ve cooked together, you’ve read together, you’ve stared vacantly out the window for hours together, so now what?

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit us, we've all been stuck in our homes trying to make sure that we stay safe. And while many couples had to put their wedding plans on hold, many could barely manage to get married and put their honeymoon plans on hold. Being at home, willingly or unwilling, while dealing with this situation is sort of unnerving. And after trying to pass time with each other, and even cooking meals for each other once, in a while, it won't be long before one of your (or both of you) shots a fuse!

Honestly, when life starts feeling like a mini prison sentence, you're bound to look for ideas to keep yourself and your better-half interested. So, we've curated a few creative activities for couples to pass their time. While some may seem weird, trust us that once you begin, the interest also grows.  

Check out these activities below to pass your time with your beau, because who knows how long this may last.

Activities To Do To Unwind With Your Partner 

Themed Dinner & A Movie

Ever watch characters of a movie eat or drink something delicious and then crave for that same thing? Well, with the kind of time you have on your hands, you and your beau can cook up something delicious and pair that food with that movie! Bake yourself a delicious ratatouille and watch Ratatouille. Or maybe shake yourself a Vesper Martini and binge-watch the James Bond series. How about a simple yet seductive pesto pasta to go with Jon Favreau's Chef?

Do Those Famous Couple Tik Tok Challenges

Honestly, everyone's seen those viral Tik Tok videos on the gram where couples are either dancing or doing some fun challenge. Why not try your hand at such video challenges? You may find it to be a fun and entertaining way to pass your time over such cringey stuff! Who knows? Maybe you and your beau may have a hidden talent for tik-tok videos!

Have a Spa Night

Kick back your heels with your better half and have a spa night. You can give each other relaxing facials, massages and even hair spas. You both can even whip up some DIY face masks and DIY hair masks for yourselves from basic kitchen ingredients.

To have the ultimate spa experience: Get in comfy robes, do face masks (yes, together!), soak your feet, offer foot or shoulder massages and enjoy a glass of wine or beer. Having a spa night is a fun way to unwind, especially given the stress and tension from this looming pandemic and being confined to a locked space. 

A Cross-Dressing Fashion Show

A fashion show is fun. But it's even more entertaining when you switch your wardrobes! Dress up in the finest clothes from your partner's wardrobe and have a fashion show. And to add to the fun, film this fashion show to reminiscent such times when things get back to normal!

Teach Each Other Something New or Learn a New Skill

A lot of times, you and your partner may have a skill or a hobby which the other may not know of. Whether its cooking, calligraphy, painting or even garage work, you both could share these hobbies and teach other skills that you have. If you know how to paint, share a painting lesson, or if your partner is good at gardening, then you both could do that and learn something new together. 

Eat Takeout by Candlelight

Even though you're under lockdown and trying your best to use this opportunity to cook your meals, ordering takeout will eventually happen. There will be one night where you'll be too tired or just too lazy to get up and cook. So, to make things interesting, have a candlelight dinner, with takeout food! Maybe this would be the best time to pull out that scented candle you had stored away for a 'special occasion'.

Binge Watch A Series Online

Hey, we're all about the Netflix and Chill life. It would be quiet lovely if you'd just binge-watched something interesting on Netflix. Since there's no major need for you to wake up early and head to work, you can just grab a few snacks and stay in bed the entire night while watching a series online. Here are some amazing series to binge-watch online: Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Friends, Mindhunter, The Good Place, The Stranger, The 100, Altered Carbon, Elite, Money Heist, Sherlock, Four More Shots, Family Man, Star trek Picard and Give Me Four More Shots Please (Season 2). 

Make A Dessert Night 

Dessert is always fun. And if you're making your desserts, then it's even more fun! Cookies, Brownies, Cake, Pie and so much more can be made with ingredients in your own home. And if you like a little competition, then you can set a challenge to use only the ingredients you have on your hand. It would be quiet a fun thing to do with your beau! Oh! By the way, did you try the Dalgona coffee with your partner? 

Get Crafty!

Since you have so much time on your hands, doing something crafty. Make ChapStick, make candles, make soap, make bath bombs, get your hands dirty! Hop on Pinterest and look at the possibilities. And both of you don't need to be creative or crafty. Even if one of you has a knack for art, the process can be fun and interesting. And if none of you has that knack, then just follow an online tutorial!

Play A Game

Done watching your favourite series and cooking delicious meals? Now, play some fun games with your bae. From board games to cards, don't forget to include your family members and have tons of fun in your Quarantine days! 

Movie Marathon!

Nothing beats a nice and long marathon of your favourite movie series or genre of movies. Honestly, your quarantine isn't complete without a nice weekend full of Harry Potter movies. Or if you're more of Middle Earth person, then start The Lord Of The Rings all over again. And if action is your thing, then go ahead with some Mission Impossible or Bourne Legacy fun!


Are you excited to try some of these 'stay at home' date ideas?  If you have something else in mind, let us know in the comments!

11 Ways To Unwind With Your Partner In Quarantine

by Shivani Singh

11 Ways To Unwind With Your Partner In Quarantine