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It’s so important for you boys to get every detail right when it comes to your wedding look because you’re only gonna get one opportunity to dress up so grand. So, if you are planning on going for the latest red safa for the groom for the wedding day but you have got no clue on how to rock it, we say you check out these real grooms. After all, we wouldn’t want you to look anything less than perfect now, would we? 

Scroll below to find dapper grooms who are making the red safa look absolutely stunning with their wedding outfits! 

Trendy Red Safa For The Groom

1. Plain Red Safa For The D-Day

If your wedding sherwani is super heavy and has a lot going on, we suggest you pick something subtle or go completely plain when it comes to your red safa. The red colour will be enough to make your overall look a grand one just like these crisp grooms! 

Source Ferndara

Source Pinterest

2. Put A Gem On It

If you wanna go all out then simply opt for a red safa for the groom and some jewels to decorate it with. Just by adding one gem, your whole look will change and you are gonna look no less than royalty guys just like these grooms do on their wedding day!

Source Zohaibali

3. Best Red Safa For The Grooms With Beautiful Prints 

Not everyone can pull off prints because it’s no easy task. You have to know what print suits you and if you can identify, you will make one hell of a groom just like these men did on their wedding day. 

4. Put A Feather On That Red Safa

Another way to take your red safa up a notch is by adding a feather to it as these grooms have. Not only is it making them look taller and going rather perfectly with the safa but is a nice little detail for you to-be-grooms to have in your wedding look. Look at these trendy grooms and see for yourself!

Source Pinterest

Source SG Snappers


So which red safa are you gonna pick for your wedding day? Do tell us on our Facebook handle!

Grooms-To-Be, Take Inspo On How to Rock a Red Safa For Your Wedding Day!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Grooms-To-Be, Take Inspo On How to Rock a Red Safa For Your Wedding Day!