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Let's move beyond sherwani, kurta pyjama and the regular Nehru jackets. It is time for the grooms to discover their style quotient and look beyond the ordinary. While there are a plethora of options for the brides, nobody is talking about groom fashion, which is indeed as important as brides'. After all, it's a big day for both of them and not just the bride. 

We sprawled the internet to be able to provide unconventional outfit options for the grooms out there, which are beyond sherwanis. 

Offbeat Outfit Ideas For The Grooms That Are Beyond Sherwanis

1. Cowled Kurta 

Grooms-to-be, it's time to embrace sophistication with a cowled kurta, merging traditional charm with contemporary flair for your wedding day. This unique ensemble for grooms radiates elegance, making a bold statement. 

2. Extended Silhouettes

Anyone have for extended silhouette? Step away from convention with extended silhouettes, a modern twist to the groom's attire. This avant-garde outfit redefines traditional wedding fashion, creating a stylish and distinctive presence for the groom.

3. Drape Attached To Kurta

How about you explore the fusion of tradition and innovation with a drape attached to the kurta? This offbeat outfit for the groom adds an extra layer of flair, making the groom's outfit a captivating blend of classic and contemporary.

4. Attached Shawl

Elevate your groom's style with an attached shawl. This unconventional accessory not only provides warmth but also adds a touch of regal sophistication to the groom's ensemble, setting you apart on the big day.

5. Front Open Printed Vest

For a groom who dares to be different, a front-opened printed vest is the perfect choice. Infuse personality into your wedding attire with this offbeat and trendy alternative to traditional sherwanis.


Looking for more groom fashion ideas? WeddingBazaar's Pinterest page has it all! 

Offbeat Outfit Ideas For The Grooms That Are Beyond Sherwanis

by Bhavika Vallecha

Offbeat Outfit Ideas For The Grooms That Are Beyond Sherwanis