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Pre-wedding shoots are all the rage right now. Couples these days consider a pre-wedding shoot a must before they get hitched. The pictures and videos especially from the pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar make for a lovely addition to your wedding album. It also gives you the time to bond with your partner and create beautiful memories that will be etched forever in your heart. It is important to select your pre-wedding shoot location carefully. It should resonate with you and your partner.

We, at WeddingBazaar, recommend Amritsar as one of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in India. It is brimming with culture and joy. If that excites you, read along to know all about the pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar. 

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Amritsar

Amritsar or as the locals call it, Ambarsar, is the second largest city in the northern Indian state of Punjab. It was founded in the fifteenth century by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das. Amritsar is one of India's most historically and spiritually rich cities. The word Amritsar originates from the Punjabi word Amrit Sarovar, which, when translated literally, means "pool of nectar." Amritsar houses one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in India, the Harimandar Sahib Gurudwara, which is known as The Golden Temple. This is why Amritsar is also known as the Golden City.

Amritsar is a vibrant city rich in cultural heritage. It is the perfect city for couples who want to go for a serene and joyful place for their pre-wedding shoot. So, without further ado, let’s get to know all the pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar!

The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is a sacred place. It is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites across the globe. So, if you want to seek God’s blessings as you get your pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar done, the Golden Temple is the best place for it. However, you must go for a short and fuss-free shoot at the Golden Temple. Since it is a place of worship, you must respect it and not take up too much space or time.

Go for a candid pre-wedding shoot wearing modest clothes and tell your photographer to not bring too many camera accessories. What you can also do is, get your pre-wedding shoot done outside the Golden Temple at a more private place. This will ensure that you are incorporating the Golden Temple in your pre-wedding shoot while also being comfortable.

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Gobindgarh Fort

The Gobindgarh Fort in Amritsar, Punjab, is one of the best pre-wedding shoot locations and never fails to deliver stunning results. This is a stunning and strong fort that combines elements of French, Persian, and British architecture with the traditional Punjabi architectural style. If you want diverse places in your pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar without going to too many places, you must come to the Gobindgarh Fort. Greenery is abundant around the Gobindgarh Fort which adds to its freshness and vibrance.

The fort also has maze-like corridors and huge hallways that act as the perfect backdrop for a dramatic pre-wedding photoshoot in Amritsar. Because of its enormous size, the fort offers an endless supply of photogenic nooks and crannies that can be artistically utilized to create a wide range of compositions. 

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Khalsa College

Khalsa College is one of the town's oldest educational institutions. The college’s main structure blends Mughal, Sikh, and British architectural styles. The main building, which is made of red stone and is regarded as a gem of the Indo-Saracenic style, has a large lawn that spans around 120 acres. This makes it the ideal location for an Amritsar pre-wedding shoot. The majestic building of the Khalsa College in the background will give a vintage and grand to your pictures. It's best to have natural daylight since it will light up the surroundings just as much as the two of you. 

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Rose Garden

If you and your beau are nature lovers, you are going to love Rose Garden as a pre-wedding photoshoot location in Amritsar. The park is a tastefully designed space with a seasonal rose garden, a playground, and a fountain. As soon as you step inside, the expansive garden filled with various species of roses provides you supreme relaxation. The Rose Garden is a great place for a pre-wedding shoot in Amritsar because of its lovely assortment of flowers as well as its many fountains and walkways. You can also spend quality time without Beau here.

The Rose Garden provides several amenities to enhance guests' comfort and enjoyment. The garden is a calm and serene setting that provides an escape from the bustle and clamour of the city. You must come here to experience floral freshness and sunlight. 

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Pul Kanjari

Situated approximately 25 kilometres from Amritsar's city centre, Pul Kanjari is a historical site that is only 300 meters from the border between India and Pakistan. It is an off-beat pre-wedding shoot location in Amritsar. Constructed in the 18th century, this historical site served as both a water storage facility and a royal mausoleum for the king and his army. The location has out-of-the-way, rustic buildings surrounded by expansive fields and a lone dirt road. There are no other buildings around for quite some distance.

It is important to bring enough supplies with you before visiting, though, as there aren't any visible commercial markets for a considerable distance. You can have a brilliantly planned pre-wedding shoot at Pul Kanjari as it is almost always empty. So, you will have no one to disturb you. 

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A kilometre from the golden temple in Amritsar's ancient walled city is the Townhall Museum. This building's surroundings and architecture are breathtaking. The museum's structure and surrounding area are stunning at night, with the building covered in multicoloured lights and street lamps in the British style. All of these lights will look stunning in the pictures, and you and your photographer can come up with incredible ways to experiment with the lighting and the surrounding area to get the ideal shot. Since it's a night pre-wedding shoot in Amritsar, some simple lighting setup will be needed, but your photographer will take care of that. 

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Sadda Pind

Sadda Pind is one of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar because of how beautifully and perfectly it captures the essence of Punjab. It is a village museum that showcases Punjabi culture and the traditional rural way of life of Punjab in the past. Scattered across 12 acres, the museum is one of the most stunning sites in all of Amritsar. This spot offers the best hospitality in the town, making it one of the best pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Amritsar. Nevertheless, Sadda Pind's backdrops will give you a feeling of richness.

The mud houses, the scenes where kids are climbing trees, and the churning of lassi are among the many amazing locations interspersed throughout the customized villages. If you want an authentic rural Punjabi vibe for your pre-wedding shoot, you must come to Sadda Pind. 

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Final Words

Amritsar is the city of blessings and bravery. The vibe of this place is unparalleled. It is one of the most off-beat pre-wedding shoot locations in India owing to its piousness and vibrance. You not only get to seek the blessings of the almighty while you are here but also get to enjoy the rich Punjabi culture. Come to Amritsar, the Golden City and spend moments of pure bliss with your partner as you get your pre-wedding shoot done here. 


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The Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Amritsar Await: Creating Memories in Heritage

by Pratiksha Pandey

The Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Amritsar Await: Creating Memories in Heritage