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We at ShaadiSaga believe that as much as the bride needs to be pampered and showered with all the love at her wedding, so does her parents. Afterall, it is an equally overwhelming and breathtaking phase of their lives too. For that matter, they always need to be treated speacially 'cuz they deserve the world. Every parent does!

Given that, one adorable way to make your parents feel loved and on top of the world is by walking down that aisle with them. Yes, making a stellar bridal entry with your parents! Walk down to Din Shagna Da or dance your way to the mandap or ride into your wedding, but, make sure to do it with your mommy and daddy. Brideys, entering along with your parents would not only make for a magical entry but, is one raging trend that so many brides are delving into.

Which is why, we decided to put together this blog with photos that capture that heavenly moment of brides walking down the aisle with their parents. These photos are going to undeniably make you feel all overwhelmed and so irrevocably fall in love with this bridal entry idea.

Go check out!

Photos of Brides Walking Down the Aisle with Their Mom & Dad

1. As much of a beautiful moment this is for the bride, it is equally blissful for her parents.

Source Eventures

2. This father-daughter duo's joy is unmeasurable.

3. Walking with her parents beside her, this bride looks the happiest ever!

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4. Such a precious moment shared by a bride with her mom and dad.

5. The overwhelming and happy emotions of this fam are beyond words.

6. Walking under a bewitching phoolon ki chaadar with your daddy dearest is no less than a dream!

7. A hero taking her daughter to the man of her dreams!

8. Yet another surreal shot of a bride and father walking under the phoolon ki chaadar.

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9. Your mum has walked down this path before and its time she does it again but, by your side, as your perfect bridesmaid!

10. Don't just walk down the aisle. Groove your way onto that wedding stage with your daddy.

Source Prune India

11. We are simply in love with this idea of a father driving his little girl to her wedding mandap.

12. He taught you how to walk and now, he walks you down that aisle!

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13. Making way for the adorable duo!

14. A candid shot overflowing with emotions!

15. Such a perfect family shot of the bride with her parents!

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Now go start prepping up to take that walk with your mommy and daddy!

15 Dreamy Photos of Brides Walking Down the Aisle with their Parents

by Divya Arora

15 Dreamy Photos of Brides Walking Down the Aisle with their Parents