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Your wedding is, of course, the biggest day of your life! You are embarking on a new journey and starting your own family; you will have a new home, and new people to share that home with. Feeling a gazillion of emotions throughout your wedding revelries is absolutely natural. But hey, all this shouldn't stop you from putting efforts to make your parents feel super special on your D-day. Cuz, hello, your wedding is a bigger day for them.  A baby they raised is all grown up and leaving the nest - not less than an emotional roller coaster ride for them too.

So, being a doting daughter that you are, don't restrict them to just paying your wedding bills. For all the endless efforts they put in to make your wedding perfect, your mom and dad certainly deserve a special share of love, gratitude and YOUR ATTENTION! So here we enlist some easy yet very heartwarming things you must do for your parents on your wedding day.

~ A special dance performance with them

It is not very frequently that you shake legs with your parents. So, make the most of your wedding and relish some really joyous moments as you dance with the most special dance partners. Here is a list of songs for a memorable and precious dance performance with parents; and also check out this Mother-Daughter dance performance which was a complete stunner.

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~ Have a memorable photo sesh

You will have a lot of traditional photos with your parents on all your wedding functions, but having a full-fledged photo session with them is yet another great idea to make them feel special. Just get together, pose your hearts out and let the photographer capture the moments of unadulterated emotions. You can also include your siblings in 'some' pictures too :P

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~ Read them a hearty speech

Let the emotions flow and tell your parents how much you love them and what they mean to you in front of your guests and people you love. This will certainly elicit some tears but trust me you parents will cherish this act of yours forever. *Keep the tissues handy*

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~ Gift them a thoughtful something

It is understandably a tricky task to select a gift for your parents. Cuz, what to give to the ones who have given you everything! Well, it can be anything from a photo frame to a piece of bauble to a handwritten letter, it just must hold emotional essence!

~ Walk down the aisle with them

Ditch everyone else and let your parents escort you for the most precious walk of your life. Bridesmaids walking the bride down the aisle is surely a trend, but nobody can replace parents.

~ How about a video screening?

 If delivering a speech is not your thing, worry not, you can take the cue of technology! All you gotta do is, make a special video montage of old photographs, emotional text and small video snippets of you expressing your feelings. Compile it on your smartphone or on a movie maker software. Get it screened on your wedding on a projector and watch it together. *Again, keep the tissues handy*

~ Steal some private moments with them

Being the bride, you are so damn engrossed in almost everything happening around. You have to greet all the guests, pose for never-ending pictures, take care of your look all the time and handle last-minute outbursts while feeling nervous and joyous at once. However, amid this all, do carve out a few minutes to talk to your mom and dad, privately. Thank them for everything, click selfies, embrace a hug, chat with them and share some light moments on your big day. They will appreciate it more than you will ever know.

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Tell us your favorite wedding-day moment with your parents, in the comments!

7 MUST DO gestures to make your Parents feel Special on your Wedding!

by Medha Chawla

7 MUST DO gestures to make your Parents feel Special on your Wedding!