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After your wedding functions, the most exciting thing for any couple is their honeymoon and lately, everyone is obsessing over a beach destination for their honeymoon. Beaches are fun, you have the most exciting time and it's the perfect way to kickstart your married life. So, if you’re planning your honeymoon at a beach destination, you need a lot of must-haves. Scroll below to check out all the beach essentials below!

Best Beach Essentials for Your Honeymoon

1. Essential Skincare & Makeup Products

Well, the excitement to head to a beach destination for your honeymoon is extreme but that doesn't mean that you don't carry along the essentials. Ladies, for a beach vacay, you need certain skincare products and makeup products that will help you stay safe and look your best such as sunscreen, tan cream, BB cream, mascara, red lipstick, and other basics. These basics are crucial as the skincare products will keep your skin safe from the harsh sun and the makeup will help accentuate your everyday looks!

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Source Sephora

Source Sephora

2. Fancy Beach Hats

Beach hats have been around for longer than the Maldives honeymoon trend has. This is simply a product that you cannot go to the beach without. Not only will the hat protect you from tanning but think about those amazing photos you’ll get!

Source Fancy Pants

Source Fancy Pants

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Source Peek A Boo

3. Lots of Bikinis

They say the bikinis you can wear on your honeymoon are the ones which are simply the best and we’re all for it. You just have to carry tons of bikinis in different colours, styles, and fabrics!

Source Alia Bhatt

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Source Alia Bhatt

Source Orvana Ghai

4. Comfy Coveralls

Ladies let's face it - you cannot trot around in just a swimsuit or bikini all the time. The best thing you can do is purchase a few coveralls which go hand-in-hand with your swimwear. Not only will you feel comfortable but also look great.

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Source Niki Mehra

Source Orvana Ghai

Source Orvana Ghai

5. Beach Slippers For That Tropical Vibes

Now we know you’ll end up buying quite a few mules and espadrilles for your bridal trousseau but what about those slippers that you need on the beach? Comes in your beach slippers. For the beach, you need super comfy slippers that also give a tropical vibe and match your beachwear.

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6. Beach Bags? Yes, Please! 

Another essential for your beach destination, beach bags are a great addition to your honeymoon shopping. While you may not want to carry a lot to the beach, for the bare minimum products, a beach bag would come in super handy. Ladies, go for those straw bags or those net ones which are in fashion like anything right now!

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7. Cuz You Need A Kala Chashma aka Sunglasses

Ladies, now this is another purposeful thing you should keep for your beach holiday. Sunnies come in super handy and is the perfect accessory to complete your tropical look. You can keep at least two-to-three types of sunglasses from your classic ones to those funky ones!

There’s absolutely no way that you cannot have sunnies on your list of must-haves when heading to the beach.

Source Pinterest


What else are you planning to take on your beach honeymoon? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Most Important Things to Pack for Your Beach Honeymoon

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Most Important Things to Pack for Your Beach Honeymoon