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We love the monsoon season. The little droplets of water, the air fresh, and the beautiful sweet of Gili Mitti, just out of the world. And what is more dreamy than the idea of a monsoon wedding. 

As tranquil as the idea appears to be, it is a lot of work to make it the most memorable day of the couple’s life. With the unannounced rains and the winds and the excessive humidity, we agree it’s a tough task. But don’t worry people, we are here to tell you how to plan a monsoon wedding. And believe us, all this hassle will be worth the final event. 

Tips To Note Down If Planning A Monsoon Wedding!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

So, for all the water babies who are absolutely in love with the idea of a monsoon wedding but are shying away with the thought of the rains ruining your day, Shaadisaga brings you a monsoon wedding checklist that you can rely on. Just follow these tips and tricks and we are sure that you’ll plan the most quintessential monsoon wedding. 

1. Wedding Venue

It's the rainy season and the first choice for a wedding venue should undoubtedly be an indoor venue. This will be a much better option as your indoor venue will be best without the fear of your beautiful attire getting soiled with all the mud. Plus, an indoor venue will keep all the decorations safe. Make sure the venue is well ventilated or else the sultriness will kick in making it feel suffocated which is definitely not a good thing. 

But if you are convinced that you want an outdoor setting, make arrangements for a convertible venue. In case it rains, you will have the option of covering the venue within minutes of the downpour. It might get a little chaotic for a few minutes, but the function will be on track and you can resume your lovely evening. 

2. Decoration

As much as we love the monsoon season, it makes things difficult for the wedding planning part. There are always chances of unexpected rains and windstorms that can create damage if the wedding decor is not weather friendly. Stay away from light-weight structures that can be easily blown away by the wind. Double-check all the artifacts, which are secured properly in their places. You wouldn’t want anything to fall and break, right?

As long as the flower decorations are considered, we would advise steering clear from real flowers as there are high chances of rain spoiling most of them. Instead, use artificial flowers. If you use good quality ones, they will look equally pretty and you can even spray attar (natural perfumes) to give a more natural feel. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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You can also include monsoon themed decor with bright colours and fairy lights that will instantly brighten up the entire event. Go for floral prints that look extremely beautiful. 

3. Food 

Who doesn’t love to hog on a plate full of mouth-watering delicacies of different cuisines? I know I do. But we all know how the rainy season is an open invitation to a lot of diseases and it is essential to take care of the hygiene of the food served at the wedding. Make sure the food is prepared in a clean area cos you wouldn’t want your guests to fall sick eating that food. 

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We also recommend that you do away with uncooked food like salads that increase the chances of any disease and opt for a more cooked, monsoon friendly menu. Hot beverages like soups, coffee, and tea will be a big hit amongst the guests.

You can definitely amp up the menu with a live counter. Garma-garam jalebi with rabri, or even gulab jamuns, these desserts for the rainy season is perfect to enjoy as your guests will be left lip-smacking.  

4. Wedding Outfits

It’s important that you enjoy your wedding as much as others and the right kind of bridal outfit is important to keep you comfortable. So brides, please keep the weather in mind. 

It’s monsoon and it is better to go for a lighter, breathable fabric like silk organza, pure chiffon, and georgette. They make good choices for a drape and take a beautiful fall. They will not get ruined with rainwater and hence, are a wonderful choice. Similarly, stay away from heavy embroidery as rainwater might react with it and spoil the intricate embroidery. 

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Talking about the colour palette, we are all in for pastels. The pinks, peaches, and blues, etc. are gorgeous and totally fun colours for your silhouette. Dress right and dance your way to the wedding. 

5. Hair & Makeup

We all are well-aware of the humidity level that goes so much in the monsoon season. With all the constant sweating, it’s very important that you choose the right kind of hairstyle. Don’t leave your luscious locks loose cos you might end up with an untamable frizz. Opt for a stylish loose bun or a ponytail, which looks equally elegant and modish.

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Talking about makeup, cream-based makeup is a big no-no. Opting for an absolute waterproof makeup is a no-brainer. You don’t want the makeup to become runny in case of a sudden rainfall or because of all that humidity that can melt the makeup. Hence, keep the makeup light and dewy and let your natural glow work its magic.

6. Bridal Accessories

Minimalism is the key when it comes to accessories for a monsoon wedding. Keep it classy but don’t go over the top. Plus the weather in monsoon tends to get humid. All the heavy jewellery and accessories might make you feel uncomfortable or even irritate the skin. 

SS Tip: If possible, brides should wear sweat patches to contain any pit stains from sweating. 

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7. Footwear 

As much as we love the idea of wearing heels for the wedding, but trust us, it’s not a wise decision. Walking in heels is no cakewalk and when it’s all muddy and the grass is squishy, it is more difficult to walk than we thought off. Your heels will keep digging in the wet grass and with the heavy outfits, phew! we can’t even imagine the situation. Wear some classy jutis which look very stylish and they will go perfectly well with your outfit and at the same time be hassle-free and comfortable. 

8. Pre-Bridal Shoot and Parties

If you are wondering how to plan a better Monsoon Wedding, we have a few tricks that will make your wedding even more memorable. 

Pre-wedding shoots are a big thing nowadays and what's better than to have a monsoon shoot. Rains can actually complement your pre-wedding shoot in the most beautiful way and definitely take it a notch higher. And trust us, it is going to be one hell of a special memory. You can always use cute accessories like colourful umbrellas to make it more fun and personalised. 

We have another idea to use rains in your favour. What about a rain dance theme bachelorette party or even a pool-side party. Doesn’t it sound so much fun? Ask your wedding planner for a monsoon-friendly decor and you’ll be good to go. You deserve a day of full enjoyment before getting hitched. Plus, even your friends and relatives will remember the party. 

Final Words! 

Now that you have a list of all the things to consider before a monsoon wedding, we are sure that it will be the wedding of the season.


So what are you waiting for? Keep your worries at bay and start planning with ShaadiSaga!

Tips'n Tricks To Consider While Planning A Monsoon Wedding!

by Vidhi Gupta

Tips'n Tricks To Consider While Planning A Monsoon Wedding!