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Let us start by asking you a question! How many elements can you think of that add all sorts of shimmer, glistening light and bespoke shine to your wedding decor?

The most common elements that you'd think of would be fairy lights and bulbs, candles, lamps & lanterns, shimmery cascading strings and crystal strings, right? But also, how about mirrors? Yes, you read that right! Mirrors in wedding decor.

Well, seems like incorporating different sized mirrors uniquely in the wedding decor is a fad that so many planners and decorators have been indulging in for quite a while now. And boy, they aesthetically make up for a bewitching and sparkly decor element. We can vouch for that, really. 

If the idea of infusing mirror elements in your wedding decor got you excited then hop right on as we take you on a ride through this magical mirror decor ideas blog. The opulence and grace this element is going to add to your wedding would surely be unparalleled.

Popular Mirror Decor Ideas for a Gleaming Wedding Decor

1. This ceiling done in mirrors, disco balls and mesh is the perfect glitz and glam for a sangeet night!

2. Mirror buntings decking up the ceiling made up for the latest mirror decor idea.

Source Rani Pink

3. These mirror mandap designs are so unconventional and beautifully decorated with floral arrangements.

4. How about having mirror adornments for your mehndi seating arrangement?

5. A mirror-encrustred wall makes for such an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos!

6. Welcome easels or signages throughout the venue done in mirrors are one of the best mirror decor ideas that you must incorporate.

7. We so love these unique cascading mirror panels!

8. Bar settings with mirror base or backdrops is an offbeat way of having mirrors in your wedding decor.

Source Tanvi & Co.

9. Quirky mirror corners or installations not only make up for great elemental decor but, also double up at pretty photo ops.

10. A surreal ceiling with a shower of mirror strings is one of the most popular mirror decor ideas.

11. Mirror table tops is an unusually gorgeous way to bring about that luxe edge to your wedding.

Decor by Vivaah, Mumbai

12. Now, isn't that such a different and pretty way of elevating your table settings?

13. Centerpieces with mirror bases is yet another edgy way that adds a dash of shine to your tablescapes.

14. This carousel inspired bar setup done in mirror panels lit up with bulbs is so gorgeously unique and different!

15. We love how small mirrors deck up the mandap pillars exuding bewitching mosaic-like feels.

16. How about hanging pretty mirrors in ornate frames with floral garlands? Such a quirky mirror decor idea, isn't it?

17. A mirror dance floor? Wow!


Are you as blinged up by these quaint mirror decor ideas as we are?

17 Most Shiny & Sparkling mirror decor ideas for a classy wedding decor

by Divya Arora

17 Most Shiny & Sparkling mirror decor ideas for a classy wedding decor