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You've heard the term a million times. We've told you about thousands of things that can be a part of it. Heck, you probably have a board on your Pinterest with its name! But what really is a 'Bridal Trousseau'? And what are the most basic things that should be a part of a bride's trousseau? Well, we're here today to hash it all out and help you prepare a legit trousseau checklist. So, scroll down below for more info! 🧳👇🏻

What is a Bridal Trousseau?

Traditionally speaking, a bride's trousseau is a piece of luggage that she carries to her husband's house after getting married. It's a trousseau box that has all the essentials she will need to start her new life in her new home. It's got all the stuff, from accessories, jewellery and makeup to clothes and shoes. And most of this stuff is brand new. 

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However, the definition of a bridal trousseau has evolved over the past years. Firstly, it has evolved from being just a single bag of belonging to several bags of things a bride carries to her new home. And while it still has the essentials she needs to carry, the definition of essentials has also changed. While your trousseau still includes items like clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup and skincare - you need to know what kind. And that depends on the requirement of every bride. 

A Basic Bridal Trousseau Checklist

Yes, we know you'd rather take your entire room with you when you move. Unfortunately, that's not possible. You're trousseau, though bigger than the traditional single bag, is limited to certain essentials that you'll require immediately post-wedding. Thus, to help you out, we've created a bridal trousseau checklist, which will help you in picking exactly what you would need post-wedding:

🥻 Indian Wear

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1. Sarees

Sarees are the one thing that every bride carries in her trousseau. If you're someone who loves wearing them, then 8-10 pairs of various kinds of sarees are nice. And if you're not a huge fan of sarees, then 6-7 would be alright. Here are some of the various kinds of sarees that can make great additions to your bridal trousseau: Silk sarees like Kanjeevaram saree, Banarasi, Chanderi, Pathani etc. You can also buy other beautiful sarees in printed satin, crepe, Gota Patti, sequin work, etc. Having one or two pre-draped sarees or concept sarees in your trousseau is also a good option. 

2. Multi-Purpose Blouses

While all your sarees come with blouse material or pieces, having a few extra blouse designs on hand is never a bad idea. From stylish boat necks to brocade basics, keep 5-6 extra blouses at hand, if you wish to change up your look. Some of the most basic colours you should have are black and white, both plain and with silver and gold embroidery. 

3. Basic Suit Sets

These include smart, yet casual suits that you'll need for day-to-day life. Every newlywed like to dress up in the finest clothes after her wedding, so having a few casual yet elegant suits at hand is always good. Plus, these suits only sound like they're basic, but can be worn for a day out, to the office, or a general visit to the market. We suggest you carry about 5-6 basic suits that come with pants, palazzos, churidars and skirts. 

4. Heavy Suit Sets

Having a few heavy suits at hand is always great. We suggest you carry about 5-6 heavily embroidered suits which can be worn at parties or other special occasions. Now, the kind of suit you want should be completely up to you, depending on what suits you best. However, we always suggest that you pack at least one Anarkali suit and a few long straight suits with pants and palazzos for sure.

5. Kurtis & Ethnic Jackets & Capes

Again, having about 5-6 Kurtis is necessary. These Kurtis can be paired with jeans, pants or other kinds of bottoms. Similarly, having about 2-3 ethnic jackets and capes only aids you in amping your post-wedding fashion!

6. Light Lehengas & Ethnic Dresses

Ethnic dresses make a great addition to your trousseau, as they're easy to wear and very appealing for chic style and ease. You should have at least 2-3 ethnic dresses in your trousseau. Similarly, keep one or two lightweight lehengas in your bags. From different kinds of poojas to other functions, these light lehengas will come in handy!

👗 Western Wear

Source: Cathy, Poor Little It Girl; We Heart It

Sadly, you cannot carry your entire closet to your new home at once. After all, it's taken you years to accumulate clothes based on your style. However, to begin with, you should pack a bunch of indo-western outfits, especially if your regular wardrobe consists of them. While this section is based on your preference, we suggest that you carry about 2-3 pairs of jeans, 1-2 pants, about 5-7 tee shirts, 5-6 tops and 3-4 dresses. 

👘 Night Wear

Source: Shein; VICI Collection

For your nightwear, carry the items you are comfortable sleeping in. If you're the kind who enjoys sleeping in shorts and tee shirts, then give preference to those. However, if you're a silk pyjama kinda gal, then give preference to those. Here's a breakdown of what you can carry in the beginning:

1. Night-dresses

1-3 nightdresses with really sleek and soft fabric.

2. Shorts + T-Shirt Sets

2-3 pairs of shorts and tee shirt sets.

3. Pyjama + T-Shirt Sets

2-3 pyjama and tee-shirt sets for impromptu pyjama party moments!

🩱 Swimwear (Only if you'll need it)

If you're directly heading to a beachy honeymoon location, or if you have plans of pool parties happening, or if your new home has a pool, then we suggest you pack your swimsuit. If not, then this is an item that can be bought later. And this speaks for itself, mostly. You need 1 or 2 bathing suits and 1 bathrobe. 

💄Makeup & Skincare

First thing first, carry your skincare according to the most basic rule - CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising). This means you need to carry your cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. Then, add the extras in, like a face mask, scrub and lip balm. Similarly, if you're a sheet mask buff, then carry about 10 sheet masks. This is the most basic kind of skincare routine you should have on hand. As for your makeup, it's always about your comfort level or the kind of makeup you wear regularly. However, if you wish to create a whole makeup trousseau, then here are all the things you need:

  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Setting Powder
  5. Contour Cream/ Powder
  6. Bronzer
  7. Eyeshadow Palette (preferably a palette that has a neutral tone)
  8. Eyeliner
  9. Kajal
  10. Eyebrow Enhancer (Pencil, Powder, Cream-any works!)
  11. Mascara
  12. Highlighter Powder/Liquid
  13. A few makeup brushes & sponges
  14. Setting Spray
  15. Lipstick (At least 1-2 nudes, 1 red, 1 pink)
  16. Lipgloss

📿 Accessories

Every bride has a ton of accessories that she buys for her wedding and ends up carrying to her new home. While you'll end up carrying the jewellery you buy, you should have a few new extra things at hand to accompany your outfits. Check out the list below!

1. Jewellery

In terms of jewellery, carry the jewels you bought for your wedding functions. Along with those, pack in modern jewellery like chunky neckpieces, rings, daily wear earrings, and oxidised jewellery that sits well with your day-to-day fashion. 

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2. Bangles

Since you'll have a few suits, sarees and lehengas packed in your trousseau, we suggest you carry bangles that match your outfits. They can be made of gold, silver or glass. Similarly, if your outfits are better paired with oxidised jewellery, then definitely pack a few pairs of black metal bangles. 

3. Bindis

Of course, you need bindis to go with your suits and sarees. Therefore, carry a few packets of bindis of different kinds. Also, carry a pack of black bindis. 

4. Saree Pins

Well, these are one of the things you always forget to pack. And then when you need them the most, you can't find them. So, let us remind you to pack a good amount of those in various sizes. Also, check out this brand that has an adorable collection of bridal safety pins for brides!

5. Hair Accessories

We're sure you'll end up buying hair accessories for your wedding functions. So, pack them with your stuff, since that's probably one of the most pretty things you'll indulge yourself in. Along with them, we suggest you pack some Jura pins, bobby pins, ornamental clips, hair bands, scrunchies, etc. 

👡 Footwear

Brides can often be confused about the kind of footwear they should pack in their trousseau. Keep the number to about 8-9 pairs. It has to be a combo of heels, flats, sneakers, ballerinas, juttis etc. Here's a more detailed guide on the kind of footwear you should pack in your trousseau: Types of Footwear Every Bride must box in Her Bridal Trousseau.

Source Needledust

👜 Bags & Clutches

We're all aware of the fact that the importance of any bridal accessory is as much as the wedding outfit that a bride wears. They're like the little pieces of a large fashion puzzle that come together to create the perfect bridal ensemble. And as a new bride, we suggest you splurge on a few designer pieces as well. Pack at least 3-4 bags and clutches, which should be a mix of regular use and one or two to carry to functions and parties. 

Source Aza Fashion

👙 Classy Lingerie

Source Pinterest

In a bride's trousseau checklist, she'll shop for all kinds of clothes, but forget the most basic of things like lingerie. Nevertheless, everyone loves shopping for classy lingerie when given the chance. From exotic designs to the most basic yet classy stuff, here's a list of lingerie you should pack:

1. Daily Wear Bras

3 or 4 daily-wear bras are a must-have!

2. Sports Bras

2 or 3, for those heavy workout days, or jogging mornings with your husband.

3. Pretty Bras

3 or 4, Printed, Lace, fancy, Strapless, whatever be your choice!

4. Underwear

10 different styles based on the outfits you tend to wear. 


We hope this bridal trousseau checklist was helpful and will aid you in smoothening this process. Share your thoughts on WeddingBazaar's Instagram page!

Brides-To-Be, Bookmark Your Ultimate Bridal Trousseau Checklist NOW!

by Shivani Singh

Brides-To-Be, Bookmark Your Ultimate Bridal Trousseau Checklist NOW!