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Monsoon is almost here and we just can’t wait for ‘em showers to give us some much-needed respite from the heat. Don’t you just love rains? The light (and heavy!) showers tantalizing the skin, the smell of freshness all around, the soothing breeze and just the general vibe of it *dreamy eyes*! But while there are lots of amazing things to look forward to during Monsoons, there are some things that are not-so-pleasant about it, after all! Number one being the humidity and second, being the puddles and wet walkways. 

It’s all good if you are sitting inside your house and sipping a hot cup of coffee while enjoying the weather, but if you are planning to get married during the Monsoon season, then there are certain dos and don’ts that you must know in order to plan a perfect Monsoon wedding! There’s a reason why this season is considered to be the most romantic one of all, you know! It automatically invokes this feeling of love being in the air, thus making it a great time to get married. Just keep in mind a few things, go through our list of Monsoon wedding ideas and you’ll be all set to say ‘I do’ while the Rain Gods shower their blessings from the heaven above.

Let’s go step-by-step here and we’ll try to cover as many aspects of planning the perfect Monsoon wedding as we can. So, here goes. ?️☔

How To Plan The Perfect Monsoon Wedding

Pick The Right Venue

The definition of ‘right venue’ changes with the seasons and in the case of monsoons, the most appropriate wedding venue would be an indoor one, right? Well, kind of. It depends on whether you want it to be an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding. The best venue to pick would be somewhere that has both these options. A covered and air-conditioned hall for when it’s raining and an open area for when it’s not so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you are hosting an intimate wedding at your house or a small farmhouse/Airbnb, you will be able to find something like this easily!

Decor Magic

The first thing we’d suggest is to use a lot of rainy elements like umbrellas in the decor. Also, while fairy lights and lots of flowers are the most sought after wedding decor elements, the choice needs to be a little different when it comes to Monsoon weddings. You can still go for flowers and fairy lights but only if you have a covered venue. When decorating outdoor venues, ensure that you use artificial flowers and weather-appropriate lighting. Fairy lights may not be able to withstand heavy showers and using lots of flora to decorate the outdoor wedding venue might attract unwanted insects.

The Trousseau

We know you want to be the prettiest and most gorgeously dressed bride ever, and just because it might rain on your wedding day does not mean you don’t get to mesmerize everyone with your stunning clothes. Just ensure that you wear light and breezy clothes so that you don’t feel hot because of the humidity. Kinds of cotton are the best fabric for this season, so try and buy all your outfits keeping that in mind. Avoid silk and synthetic clothes. Go crazy with the colours, though!

Makeup On Point

Only one word here - waterproof makeup! We cannot stress this enough. You never know when it might start raining and even the slightest bit of water can ruin your makeup, so always make sure that your makeup is waterproof.

Hairstyle Diaries

If you want to enjoy your Monsoon wedding to the fullest, then trust us, you want to keep your hair in an updo rather than leaving them open. If you have an indoor wedding then by all means experiment with any kind of hairstyles, but for an outdoor Monsoon wedding, buns, ponytails and more such updos are your best friends. 

Wedding Favours

How about customised umbrellas or raincoats as wedding favours for all your guests? It’ll be super cool and your guests will be able to use them for a long time and reminisce about your wedding celebrations.

Let’s Talk Food

Do monsoons mean chai and pakoras, agreed? Give your guests a true-blue Monsoon wedding experience with kulhad chai, a variety of fritters and other such munchies and slow Hindi songs playing in the background. Can you feel the romance too, because we definitely can!

5 Important Things To Consider For Your Monsoon Wedding

1. Nothing like an overdose of colours

Add as many colours to your celebrations as you can! Be it in the form of your own outfits, the decor or anything else, do not shy away from adding dashes of colour to everything!

2. No heels, please

Avoid wearing heels as much as possible, especially if it is an outdoor function. The ground is mushy and slippery and it’s best to just avoid heels. Wear flat footwear or even sneakers if you want to be a cool bride. You must advise your guests to avoid heels too.

3. Let your outstation guests know in advance

Speaking of guests, you should inform them about the weather conditions much-in-advance if they are coming from a different state/country. This will help them prepare well.

4. Photoshoot

Although your photographer will already align something, you must also let him know in case you want to do a photoshoot in the rain so that he can arrange proper equipment.

5. Food preservation in place

Monsoon season also brings along with it a wave of food getting spoiled faster than it does. Ensure that everything that is being prepared for the functions is being preserved well. You would not want to waste food or make your guests consume something that is not up to the mark.

Everything said and done, the most important thing to do when hosting a Monsoon wedding is to just let go and have fun! Tiny hiccups are a part of all weddings, but don’t let that deter you or dampen your spirits. Just be happy and your wedding will be a memorable one automatically!

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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead & start planning your monsoon wedding!

Monsoon Wedding Ideas To Make Your D-Day Foolproof & Super Special!

by Manvi Malhotra

Monsoon Wedding Ideas To Make Your D-Day Foolproof & Super Special!