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Wedding planners may cost a bomb but we won't let their high-end charges to shatter your dream of having a destination wedding. Even though we highly recommended to hire a wedding planner if you are planning to take vows in another city but if budget is a constraint, remember, it is possible to take things in your own hands & manage to pull off a destination wedding of your dreams. All you will have to do is get into the shoes of a wedding planner! Read articles on the roles & responsibilities of a wedding planner and let the planning spree begin. It will, of course, require extra effort from you apart from the quintessential 'bride stuff, you'll sail through it smoothly if you follow the tips mentioned in this blog.

But hey, remember these tricks are more doable for the destination weddings within the country. If you are looking forward to having an international wedding, you either must have some kickass planning skills or you better hire a wedding planner.

Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding all by Yourself

1. Know your budget and set priorities

This is the first and foremost step, You need to have an idea of how much can you spend and what aspects that matter to you the most. If you don't want to compromise on photography, you might have to compromise with the extravagant decor. Also, know that the biggest chunk of your budget will go into venue booking and guests accommodation.

2. Recce is a MUST

While you will obviously visit and observe the venue before finalising it, we would suggest you visit it once again 3 months before the wedding along with the decorator to plan the setups. Make this most of this recce-cum-meeting to visualise and plan which function will be held at which function, how will space be utilised for decorations, etc. Doing so will also keep you at bay from brainstorming about all this during the wedding.

3. Rope in local vendors

Try to book all your wedding vendors from the destination you choose to get married at. This will not only save your extra costs of their travel & accommodation but you'll be able to better coordinate with them. If you cannot find good local vendors, look for vendors who travel on their own cost. You can hire the best wedding vendors in most Indian cities on ShaadiSaga within your budget; being in the comfort of your home.

4. Keep the guest list smaller

Planning a destination wedding with a smaller guest list is practically a doable task. But if you want to host a colossal crowd, you better hire a wedding planner.

5. Stay and Book events in the same venue

Do so to avoid transporting people from one place to another. Apart from that, you are most likely to get higher discounts if you book one place for the stay as well as for your wedding events.

6. Invest in a wedding planning journal. Maintain it & follow it religiously

It is extremely important to write everything down when you know you are planning it all by yourself. Right from the guest list, to the status of vendor payments, contact details of payments and travel bookings. Write down EVERY DAMN THING. You can use buy a wedding planner diary or create an Excel sheet on Google Drive which you can easily update using your phone as well. Keep your wedding stationery handy at all times.

7. Delegate smaller duties to friends & family

As a bride, you already have a lot going within you. So it is better to delegate smaller tasks that require detailed attention to your friends or family members. This includes distributing guests' welcome kits and buying wedding gifts & favours. Also, delegate these duties with set deadlines so that they take it up seriously.

8. Create a wedding website to serve multiple purposes

Trust me, creating a wedding website will make so many things easier for you. Right from including local maps, weather predictions to airport details and any other information you would want your guests to know, mention it all on the website.

9. Opt for minimal decor

Opt for minimal decor or go with resourceful decor elements like fairy lights, colourful drapes, playful signages and other things that are easily doable. Choose a naturally beautiful venue with lush greenery and scenic backdrop, so that there is a lesser requirement for decor and drapes. Another trick is to host day events in the outdoors, and night events in the indoor areas.

10. Ask for bulk discounts

Make the most of your negotiating skills to get the best discounts and offers. Some venues give freebies like free laundry service, etc. which also saves in a lot of cash.

11. Make arrangements for the comfort of your guests

Be it arranging wheelchairs for the elderly or ensuring there are enough rooms, your wedding guests need to be at ease at your destination wedding.

12. Use trusted courier services to fly in 'extra luggage'

Now, this is not a foreseen situation but you must be aware of it. Flights charge you a bomb prize for extra luggage, so it is better to transport extra stuff like mehndi favours to the venue via courier. This can be a riskier choice, but if you have a trusted courier facility near you since ages make use of it.

13. Allot rooms beforehand to avoid chaos

Delegate rooms to the guests before they arrive so as to avoid any sort of last moment chaos like 'I want that room', 'Why is their room more luxurious', etc. You sure don't want that to happen!


Got any more tips to share? Share with us in the comments section.

13 Helpful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding WITHOUT Hiring a Planner

by Medha Chawla

13 Helpful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding WITHOUT Hiring a Planner