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The best thing about hailing from the groom’s family is probably “baraat mein naachna”. Now, that’s something that gets us all super excited and cheery isn’t it? But along with all the fun and happy highs of the baraat comes the “thirsty sweaty you” diaries. Obviously, you cannot completely avoid all of that but yes, there are sure shot ways which would definitely ease up that baraat time for you and your guests making it merrier and more cheerful. 

So let us show you how to make the best of your baraat while making sure that it’s super comfy and fun for everyone.

All the Peppy Ways to Make Baraat Entry Fun & Comfortable

1. Enter in style with best entry ideas

Add that glam to your baraat ride from ‘em ghodis and raths to something that’s unique, uber cool and would leave everyone gawking at your swag. Ditch those cliched ways and make sure you enter with all that sho-sha!

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2. Coordinate your looks

The whole baraat squad coordinating in similar colors or in matching safas or stoles is no less than making a great style statement. Believe us it not only looks hep but also adds that edge to you baraatis.

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3. Use some cool & jazzy props

How about using different and joyous props to amp up the fun in your baraat? Why only dance and sing along when you can have fun with smoke bombs or playful props like masks, feather boas, balloons, sparklers and CO2 blasters as well?!

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4. Have professional dancers and artists

Include some great professional dancers and artists to perform and put up various acts in your baraat while revelling with you baraatis. Also, why only save those special dance moves and performances for sangeets and reception when you can do that in baraat too?

Source Pink Palki

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5. A drinks & snacks baraat trolley

Having your dear ones and guests dying of sweat, thirst and hunger is no way to go about a baraat guys. Suit yourself and your guests a baraat trolley with everything that would keep them comfortable. Have your baraat trolley stacked with-

  • Essentials like tissues & hand fans and also shades & umbrellas (in case of a day wedding) and,
  • Ready to eat snacks and drinks like fresh coconut water, bottled juices or even chilled beers.

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How would you make your baraat all fun and jazzy? Comment below.

How to make Baraat Entry extremely fun and super comfortable

by Divya Arora

How to make Baraat Entry extremely fun and super comfortable