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As a bridesmaid, one unsaid duty you must perform for the bride is to get her a charming set of twinkling kaleeras. The kaleera ceremony, as you know, is an auspicious ritual in which you the sisters and the friends of the bride have to tie the kaleeras to her chooda. The metallic chiming baubles are said to bring fortune, prosperity and happiness to the bride's marital life. However, apart from the traditional significance, the kaleeras also double up as bridal accessories, so you need to buy them wisely.

To help you make the right purchase, here I compile this blog on how to buy the best kaleeras for your sister or friend. Right from showing you all the latest kaleera designs to telling you what factors to keep in mind while buying kaleeras, this blog has it all. 

Every Bridesmaids Kaleera Shopping Guide

- Has she been eyeing any specific kaleera design? 

There is nothing better than knowing the bride's personal choice! Once you know the bride's choice, it will be easier for you to pick the right design. So, try to know if the bride-to-be has any specific design in her mind. If not more, at least know whether she would prefer minimal or rather heavier designs.

- Make sure it matches with her outfit and jewellery

One important thing you must remember while buying kaleeras for your sister is that they should match with her wedding outfit and jewellery especially if you are planning to buy something experimental. It makes no sense to buy kaleeras embedded with blue beads if her jewellery is studded with emeralds. 

Pro Tip: Golden kaleeras with dainty pearl strings match with most wedding outfits.

- Make sure to buy the traditional ones for the rustling ceremony

What's a fun kaleera rustling ceremony if the kaleeras don't fall on bridesmaids? Hence, make sure you buy the traditional kaleeras specifically for this ceremony. Buy another stylish pair of kaleeras that the bride can wear with her wedding lehenga.

- Consider the weight factor

Don't burden the bride with a heavy pair of kaleeras. She is already going to be decked up with heavy jewels and a heavier outfit. Hence, look for light-weight yet stylish designs to keep the bride at comfort.

- Surprise her by getting customised kaleeras

The best way to surprise your sister/BFF is to get her a customised set of kaleeras. Right from her wedding hashtag to the couple's names to her hobbies - you can include several personalised charms to her kaleeras. To know more, check out our blogs on real brides who flaunted personalised kaleeras and brands that customise kaleeras.

- Get her floral kaleeras for mehndi ceremony cuz they are really IN!

Floral kaleeras are so much in vogue that you MUST get a pair for the bride's mehndi ceremony. While a few brides do wear floral kaleeras on the wedding day but not many brides would be comfortable to team floral kaleeras with their wedding lehenga. Hence, get these peppy kaleeras for her mehndi ceremony instead.

Source Prune India

- Coordinate with other bridesmaids

As per the traditions, all the bridesmaids are supposed to bless the bride with chiming kaleeras. But it is important to note that only standard kaleeras existing in those times. At present, there is such a vast variety of designer kaleeras and it won't be viable for a bride to wear so many kaleeras. So, coordinate with other bridesmaids and collectively buy one set of kaleeras. For the traditional significance, all the bridesmaids can get the traditional kaleeras for the rustling ceremony.

- Know of the latest designs

Last but not least. you must also be aware of the latest kaleera designs trending right now. Here are some kaleeras we're crushing over!

1. Kaleera with tassel detailing

2. Statement kaleeras with long strings

3. A super tiny kaleera

4. A gorgeous set of oversized kaleeras with pearl strings

5. The super gorgeous multi-tiered kaleeras

Source Prerto

6. Minimal floral kaleeras for wedding

Source Prune India

7. Beautiful kaleeras with green beads and jhumkis etched at the end

8. Auspicious coconut kaleeras

9. These enamelled silver kaleeras look so pretty!

10. The popular doli kaleeras

11. Multi-tiered floral kaleere for the wedding day

12. Single-tiered kaleeras adorned with jhumkis and pearl strings

13. Red rose kaleeras to team up with red wedding lehenga

14. Multi-tiered kaleeras are also trending big time!

15. The kaleera with baraat chimes!

16. Super pretty kaleeras with pompom and tassel adornments

17. The ones with a traditional appeal

18. Priyanka Chopra Jonas' wedding kaleeras with so many personalised elements

19. Traditional yet contemporary kaleeras with a pop of colour


Hope you found this blog useful! 

Bridesmaids, Here's How to Buy the Best Kaleeras for your Sister/BFF!

by Medha Chawla

Bridesmaids, Here's How to Buy the Best Kaleeras for your Sister/BFF!