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A bachelorette party promises fun, laughter, and getting down to party with your gang! Amidst all the wedding planning, and the stress – this is one party where no rules are allowed! Except for the ones that make you all giggle, and get drunk and have an amazing time!

You can go out dancing, drinking, have sleepovers, watch movies etc. But the best thing to do is to play some amazing bachelorette party games! And we have compiled a list of the top 7 trending bachelorette party games for you and your gang! Take a look. 

Popular Games for Bachelorette Party

1. Pin the Kiss

A trending game for bachelorette party is an adult version of the childhood favourite, pin the tail on the donkey. Get a giant poster of the bride’s celebrity crush and grab a packet of kiss stickers. Each party member is blindfolded and has to pin her sticker on the poster. Fun for everyone! 

2. Never Have I Ever

This drinking game for bachelorette party is adaptable for all occasions! Spill out the dirty do’s and see who gets drunk the fastest! Go around in a circle saying “never have I ever … “and all those who don’t qualify for that statement, get to take a shot. Bonus: The girl who makes the bride take the most shots wins a special treat! And if the bride gets someone drunk, crown the soon to be Mrs for her raunchy ways! A trending bachelorette party game!

3. Soon-to-be-Wed Game

A version of the newlywed game, and it requires some pre-planning and effort on the part of the bridesmaids. Prepare a list of questions; about life, quirks, movies, TV shows, naughty things etc. Get the groom to answer the questions beforehand and on the day of the party, the bride-to-be has to take the same questionnaire. If her answer is similar to what the groom has replied with, everyone in the party takes a shot. If her answer is incorrect, she gets to take a shot!

4. Twenty Questions!

Prepare a list of items, the naughtier the better! Write each down on slips of paper and fold them up in a bowl. One by one, the bowl is picked up and passed around. The bride gets to ask up to twenty questions to guess the item on the slip of paper. Anytime she gets the answer within 5 questions, everyone in the party takes a shot. No more than that, and the bride has to pay a shot penalty for every two questions. Drink responsibly and play this game for bachelorette party. 

5. Naughty Writer

Don’t hold back ladies, and let the naughty thoughts run wild! Pen down intimate, and raunchy ideas for the bride’s honeymoon and put all folded pieces of paper in a bowl. The bride gets to read them all out and guess the author’s identity! If identified correctly, the exposed author takes a shot and if incorrect, the bride takes one! One of the best games to play in bachelorette party is this naughty writer game. 

6. Pictionary

Again, a simple excuse to revisit the time when we all scribbled on the school desks and walls, leaving behind dirty words and images. Prepare a host of dirty movie titles and romantic song lyrics. One by one, you get the chance to draw out the title or song lyric to the best of your abilities so that the entire party can guess! Queue the giggles.

7. Arts & Crafts

Oh yes, but unlike the harmless fun of childhood, we are going to spice it up! Grab a few toilet rolls, and have everyone attempt to make lingerie out of the paper! Or you can get everyone get messy with some fingerpainting. The one to fingerpaint the naughtiest picture wins. This is a popular game for bachelorette party

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Best 7 Games For Your Bachelorette Party

by Maggie S.

Best 7 Games For Your Bachelorette Party