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So, you are getting hitched and you have been eyening on all of these stunning mandap decor ideas. While you have plenty of options to choose from WeddingBazaar's Instagram and Pinterest pages, you are also confused because all the options are equally pretty. Relax, that's exactly what WeddingBazaar is for. You are going to kiss goodbye to all your worries and confusion right here as you go through these breathtakingly beautiful floating mandap designs!

Enchanting Floating Mandap Decor 

What is a Floating Mandap? 

If you think that your mandap will be floating literally on the waters, then wait until we clear this confusion. A floating mandap is a setup that is done on top of the water. Whether it's a swimming pool, lake, or beach - the wedding mandap is set up in a way which gives a feel as if it's floating on the water.

So, if you're looking for a unique mandap decor idea, then a floating mandap is perfect for your summer wedding seas. 

Floating Mandap Decor Designs

1. Talk about minimalistic yet gorgeous floating mandap decor and we have the perfect option for you!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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2. You can feel the calm and pious vibe of this floating mandap just by looking at the picture!

3. Words can't do justice to just how luxurious and beautiful this floating mandap is!

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4. The dark green and white decor of this floating mandap is just so soothing!

5. We can't get over how grand and vast this floating mandap looks!

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6. The rose decor of this pristine white floating mandap has us spellbound!

7. This floating mandap has the most stunning traditional decor!

Source WDNE

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8. We love the fresh botanical vibe that the lily pads give this floating mandap!

9. This extravagant floating mandap decor looks like it is straight out of our bridal dreams!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

10. This white floating mandap decor has such a lovely tranquil aura to it!

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11. It doesn't get any prettier than this red floating mandap with the white floral decor!

12. We bet that you can't help but stare at this alluring floating mandap with pink floral decor because we can't either!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

13. To get married in this charming white floating mandap would feel like a dream!

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14. This is such a standard floating mandap decor picture that you might wanna show it to your wedding decorator for reference!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

15. We can't understand how this floating mandap can be so simple yet so gorgeous at the same time!

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16. It's almost as if we can smell this fragrant floating mandap from the picture itself!

17. The peachy traditional vibes of this floating mandap are just immaculate!

Source WDNE

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18. This breezy floating mandap is perfect for you if you want minimalistic decor!

19. This romantic floating mandap has an ethereal charm to it!

20. The beauty of this pink floating mandap is just unparalleled!

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21. This cool floating mandap with floral decor is sure to give you the prettiest wedding pictures!

22. This simple floating mandap decor is perfect for day weddings!

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23. This sweet floating mandap decor will be thoroughly appreciated by both you and your guests in pleasant weather!

24. There is just so much beauty and calmness in this minimalistic floating mandap decor!

Source Adven_7

25. This stunning floral floating mandap with Lord Ganesha's backdrop is all you need for your night wedding!

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26. Enchanting floating forest mandap that is beautiful for an intimate wedding. 

27. If you want a luxe and royal mandap for your wedding, you have to go for this one!

28. This purple floating mandap is the perfect pop of colo that your wedding needs!

29. This white floating mandap with red and white floral decor is just so romantic. 

30. Aww! This is such a cute and cosy floating mandap. 

31. We are drawn to the serene vibes that this gorgeous floating mandap is giving us. 

32. This all-pink floating mandap is perfect for those who want a bright and colourful mandap for their wedding!

Source Artfoto

33. This beautiful red floating mandap looks so refreshing and picturesque.

34. This stunning modern floating mandap is just right for the minimalistic couple!

Source Artfoto

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35. We are drawn to the grand and vibrant aura of this beautiful floating mandap!

36. This pretty red, green and white floral decor floating mandap looks perfect!

37. This dreamy floral mandap set up on a lake is just so beautiful! 

38. Looking for a pink floating mandap? This mandap decor is perfect for the upcoming wedding season! 

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Pheras On Water? Serene Floating Mandap Designs That Are Sure To Amaze You

by Pratiksha Pandey

Pheras On Water? Serene Floating Mandap Designs That Are Sure To Amaze You