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Proposals are special, magical, heart-warming, soul-stirring, extremely passionate and they leave an enduring emotion that lasts for a lifetime. If you're a hopeless romantic, just like I am, you're sure to have a fancy for proposals. But that doesn't really mean you have a knack to create THE perfect proposal moment for the two of you. As always, we're at your service to provide you with some unique proposal inspirations that are so easy and doable, that you would want to propose your boo right away.

If you've been waiting for the moment, that's NOW, my friend!

Check out these really pretty and super duper cute proposal set up ideas:

1. A Lego Proposal 

Get your creative juices grinding and set up something as clever as this!

Source Pinterest

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2. With Balloons

"I don't like balloons" said nobody ever. And these foil letter balloons are everyones fancy! 

Source Pinterest

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3. With Flower Letters

Letter bouquets are totally a modish way for new age proposals.

Source Pinterest

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4. Write it inside the Pizza Box Lid

You should definitely do this if your partner is a die-hard pizza lover. It definitely makes for a savoury moment :P

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5. With Cupcakes

They're totally adorable!

Source Pinterest

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6. Set up a huge Monogram if you wish

If not Eiffel tower, this LOVE monogram must be your proposal backdrop (You'll get amazing photographs too)!

Source Pinterest

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7. How 'Bout a quaint picnic-like spot with candles and flowers

This Pinterest-y kinda set up with soft music in the background is sure to create the mood for the moment. Just a little effort here & there and some house decor stuff thrown in the lawn under a dainty tent shall do the job. 

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8. A Gamer Proposal

Are you ready to be my player 2? We'll fight the world together? *How Cute*

Source Pinterest

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9. With banners

Put your friends or cousins at the job or even strangers to help you propose your lady love!

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10. Simply over a romantic dinner with Sangria and cheese

This is DIY balcony decor for a romantic yet simple proposal.

Source Pinterest

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11. Let your doggo use it's cuteness to get a YES!

Get some help form your paw-dorable partner. They cannot reject this adorbs move. 

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12. Go Harry Porter style for the Potter Head

As simple as that. Just get the ring ready!

Source Pinterest

13. Set up a decor full of nostalgia for the proposal

Fill the room with your memories from the past with them. This is kinda emotional but works perfectly!

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14. Write it in the Snow

If there'd be any :P

Source Pinterest

15. Go all old-school with a handwritten letter & the Ring

If you're a 90s' kid you will definitely get weak in the knees with this one.

Source Pinterest

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16. Say it with a photo collage!

Just spread the proposal on the floor or a table and surprise them as they walk in.

Source Pinterest

17. You can also go all EXTRA (super-duper cute) with a Flash Mob Proposal

This might require some prior planning and extra effort. But this is sure to sweep the floor below their feet. Try it to explore it!

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How are you popping THE question? Tell us in the comments below!

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17 Easy Proposal Ideas to create that One-in-a-Lifetime kinda Moment

by Bhavika Vallecha

17 Easy Proposal Ideas to create that One-in-a-Lifetime kinda Moment