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In older times, brides and grooms didn’t give much thought to their outfits let alone twin in them. The trend of colour-coordinating is a relatively newer one but one that has gained popularity very soon for multiple reasons. For one, the photos will come out to be great. Secondly, you and your to-be husband can decide to stand out from the crowd in matching colours. And lastly, finding matching coloured outfits is going to be super easy for you and your other half.

So, scroll below to take inspiration from these real couples who decided to colour coordinate on their mehendi functions.

Real Couples in Colour Coordinated Outfits For Mehndi

Sky Blue Colour-Coordinated Outfits

Brides, if your heart is set on having a day mehendi and want to opt for a different colour than those conventional mehendi ones, we recommend opting for matching sky blue mehendi outfits. The chances of your guests wearing this colour are comparatively low, making the sky blue colour the right choice for those couples who want to stand out!

The Magic of Green Mehendi Outfits

Another unconventional colour for your mehendi function is green. It is not like a few brides haven’t opted for this colour but this hue hasn’t yet become the go-to colour for mehendi. Ladies, we recommend the various shades of green if you’re looking to don a richer colour or if you’re having a night mehendi ceremony.

Printed Mehendi Outfit For The Win

Prints and the mehendi function go hand-in-hand. If you’re unsure about which colour to opt for then we recommend going with printed outfits for your mehendi function. Finding the same printed outfits is not as big a task as it may seem. And, the best part about twinning in prints is that there’s no scope of anybody wearing the same print at your mehendi function. So scroll below and take inspiration from these real couples who went with printed mehendi outfits!

Purple Coordinated Outfits

Now purple may seem like a colour that only the bride can opt for but here we are proving you wrong. Ladies, you and your other half can genuinely consider opting for purple-coloured outfits for your mehendi function. This hue will look exceptionally beautiful on your day mehendi and whether you’re opting for a plain outfit or one with work, purple will go well with everything.

Surreal Ivory Mehendi Outfits

Gone are the days when our mothers and grandma's frowned upon us wearing white at wedding functions. Now, everyone has gotten okay with white at wedding functions and has started hunting for outfits in this hue. So, if you and your family are also chill about white outfits, we recommend twinning with your other half in this colour. This colour is so elegant and charming that you guys will look like royalty on your mehendi!

Yellow Mehendi Outfits

Yellow is the quintessential mehendi colour and one which looks good during the day and night both. And, no matter what silhouettes you and your other half are going to opt for, yellow will look ravishing. To see what we are talking about, scroll below and check out these real couples!


So, which colour-coordinated outfit did you like the most? Head to WeddingBazaar's Instagram and tell us!

Colour Coordinated Mehndi Outfit Ideas of Bride & Groom We Love!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Colour Coordinated Mehndi Outfit Ideas of Bride & Groom We Love!