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A bridal shower is a great opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be and shower her with love, and laughter as she enters a new journey as a married woman. And a great way to make this experience worthwhile for the to-be bride is by coming up with amazing themes.

So, if you too are looking for inspo for your BFF’s upcoming bridal shower, scroll below and read on!

Amazing Bridal Shower Ideas 

A Kickass Bridal Shower Shoot

Organize a wonderful bridal shoot for the to-be bride with all her best friends and support systems. Come up with a nice theme that will help the clan to get amazing photos that they can cherish for a lifetime just like these real brides and their squads!

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Book a Great Property for a Night's Stay

For those who want to plan something low-key and intimate, we recommend checking out properties in the city where you guys can head for a night stay. Get the room decorated, call a photographer, and plan some fun games for the night to make it memorable for the to-be bride!

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Host The Most Wild Party

I mean, how often is your BFF gonna tie the knot!? So, why not make it super wild for her special night to give her a perfect night as a single woman!? Plan the perfect bachelorette games, dress up in the most glamorous dresses, and dance your heart out for your dearest friend!

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

A Chic Picnic or Brunch Scene

Transport guests to an era of elegance and refinement with a chic picnic or brunch scene. Keep hors d'oeuvres, pretty cocktails, and theme-based food to enhance the vibe of the scene. Ask all the bridesmaids to come coordinated in the same colour while the bride stands out in her unique dress!

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Source Pinterest

Plan a Memorable Trip

If the bride loves to travel, consider planning a trip for her bridal shower. Choose a location that the bride has never been to before for her to enjoy and be open to all possibilities. Scroll below and take major inspiration from these brides who planned the best bachelorette trips!

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How are you planning on surprising your BFF for her bridal shower? Head to our Instagram page and tell us! 

Bride-to-Be Bash: Creative Bridal Shower Planning Ideas To Bookmark

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Bride-to-Be Bash: Creative Bridal Shower Planning Ideas To Bookmark