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Now your sister or your best friend is all set to tie the knot to the love of her life and that means that it is on your shoulders to pull off one hell of a bridal shower for her. While we know that all you ladies would be able to do that in a jiffy considering you know this girl since forever but what we are here to show and inspire you with these gorgeous bridal shower photos. Scroll throw them, bookmark them and share these with your clan to create something similar on your best friend’s bridal shower!

Bookmark These Stunning Bridal Shower Pictures

Raise Your Glasses For the Bride-To-Be

Bridal showers are majorly about getting sloshed and having a good time while at it. So, it is only natural to get clicked with a glass or better with an entire bottle of your favourite drink. Get all the bridesmaids in on these shots and we promise, you’re gonna look back at these pictures and have a big grin on your face!

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Celebratory Pictures Are A Must!

What can be a bigger reason to celebrate than your sister or best friend getting hitched to the love of her life? So, make use of this excitement and flaunt it in your bridal shower pictures. From hugging the lady of the hour to showing her the utmost affection, scroll below to get some inspiration for her upcoming bridal shower!

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We Can Sense The Joy In These Pictures

How excited and happy are you on a scale of 1-10 that your BFF is getting hitched? A 100? That seems about right. Show this joy in your quintessential group shots which later all you ladies can get framed.

Scroll below to see how some former bridesmaids got clicked on their BFF’s fun bridal shower!

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This One is For a Bunch of Posers

While you have your candids and your emotional pictures, there are also those iconic shots that are well thought of and planned beforehand. Yes ladies, we actually think that a little planning is required in order to attain gorgeous bridal shower pictures. That’s why to inspire you, we’ve hunted for top-notch posed shots. Scroll below and take your pick!

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Check Out Some of Our Favourite Pictures From These Bridal Showers

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Check Out Some of Our Favourite Pictures From These Bridal Showers